Mobile Technology and Commerce Potential For Buyers and Sellers

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on September 1, 2017 at 7:20 AM

Do you buy or sell things using the Internet? If so, are you aware of the potential of the mobile market? Millions and millions of people look at their cell phones and devices all the time now, and many of them are seeking to buy things. Are you in a position to sell them what they want inside the mobile framework?

To help you answer that question, think about how e-commerce platforms work, where eBay might fit into the picture, how convenient services like PayPal are, and how much attention you want to pay to the concept of converting mobile customers.

Specific E-commerce Platforms

If you own a website, then you can install e-commerce platforms to help you create, maintain, and operate your online business. It would be challenging to handle all of these details using custom coding of your own, which is why the easily installable platforms that come with many web packages are so popular. They aren’t necessarily the least expensive options available, but what you pay for is the ability to have everything operate more smoothly than you could hope for using your coding.

Working With eBay

Selling on eBay has never been easier. And, with the onset of the mobile revolution and all of the technology available on cell phones now, people who are looking for things to buy while they are just browsing on the go will often find themselves pointing toward eBay. If you have an eBay store set up, that can lead directly to sales, and people can purchase from you as they are just out enjoying a day on the park bench. Mobile purchases are extremely common because people enjoy browsing for things that they want more often than just when they’re at home with their desktop.

PayPal Convenience

Once you set up a business PayPal account, you never have to worry about mobile payments not working either. There is no longer a need for cash. There is no longer need to swipe credit cards. All you have to have are a few basic account settings handled appropriately in the PayPal environment, and people can buy from you as long as they have the app on their phone.

Converting Mobile Customers

It’s a little bit of a different process turning a desktop user into a client than it is converting a mobile user into a customer. The smaller screen size, the availability of touchscreen, and the different types of distractions around people who are out on the go mean that you have to aim for a different part of the mobile user’s brain if you’re trying to convert sales. Mobile marketing is still a science in progress, so it’s important to know that your focus may have to be a bit different.

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