LG raises the bar once again with its Quad HD screen

Filed under Development by Korey Nicholson on September 2, 2013 at 7:33 AM


The South Korean company LG has announced the completion of a new Quad HD screen for larger smartphones with optimal viewing experience like never before. Bragging 538 pixels per inch in a 5.5 inch Quad HD display panel, LG claims it’s the highest resolution mobile display out on market so far.

The ‘Quad’ part of the name is given to the screen due to the fact that it puts out four times as many pixels as HD screens at 1280X720 resolutions. To get a clearer perspective of the superior viewing experience on the LG Quad HD screen, a look at current flagships devices’ screens can be considered. The iPhone 5 offers 326ppi, Samsung Galaxy S4 offers 441ppi and the HTC One offers 468ppi which is still nowhere close to the whopping 538ppi of the Quad HD screen.

Further, the new Quad HD screen is not only of higher resolution but also slimmer than anything in the markets thus far, standing at 1.21mm thick. The Quad HD screen is another standard setting screen technology that was set by LG which was previously held by the introduction of the first Full HD screen by none other than LG itself in 2012. In respect of the continued standard setting by LG for mobile screen technology, it would not be surprising if it again raises the bar and comes up with an even better screen sometime in the near future.

This new technology opens up a lot of ideas in the mobile phone market. The screen is so good that it can give users a similar visual experience to that of Blu-ray video due to showing off deeper and more vivid colors.

LG has been on the growth since recent years and has become an innovative pout of the box thinker. This has led them to be the third best-selling smartphone producer behind Apple and Samsung.

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