LG LS970 ‘Eclipse’ Coming with 1.5 GHz Quad-core Krait CPU

Filed under Rumors by Adam on May 10, 2012 at 6:39 PM

Remember when we first leaked information about an unannounced LG device a few days ago called the LG LS970? Well, the same source for that has gotten even more information for us. The device will be internally known as the “G,” but may have the production name of “Eclipse 4G LTE.” On top of that name, our source leaked exact specs for the device— more than what we could ever ask for.

The device will contain the highly coveted APQ8064 chipset. This is a 28nm 1.5 GHz Qualcomm quad-core Krait processor (Snapdragon S4 series) with an equally exciting Adreno 320 GPU. This is by far the best CPU that has been announced to date and the LG Eclipse will have it.

On top of this amazing CPU/GPU combo will be 16GB of internal storage, a 16Gb of SDRAM, 2100 mAh battery, 4.67-inch WXGA (1280×768) LCD TFT display, 13-megapixel camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and only 8.6mm thick. And of course, this will be heading to Sprint with 4G LTE capabilities. We know that LG was the first to introduce a phone with 2GB of RAM, but 16GB of SDRAM seems a little far-fetched and it’s possibly a typo. Update: turns out we’re looking at 16 Gigabits of RAM, meaning about 2 Gigabytes of RAM. 2GB confirmed! However, our source wasn’t done just yet. He was able to get a picture of the rear side of the device.

The first thing we noticed was that it has a hole in it. This is probably to test the LTE modem or possibly the GPS. Other than that, it has flat black plastic backing with a major camera hump at the top. It looks very similar to the Motorola RAZR design, minus the Kevlar material. He did reconfirm the 4th quarter release schedule for the device. But with this CPU, I don’t mind waiting. What do you guys think?

20 responses to “LG LS970 ‘Eclipse’ Coming with 1.5 GHz Quad-core Krait CPU”

  1. Qbancelli says:

    This MIGHT be my next…..

  2. DesignGears says:

    Its LG, the software, as usual, will totally ruin it.

  3. NFC and I’d consider

  4. akbisw says:

    OMG wish HTC made something with this spec!!

  5. Dave Bg says:

    Oh please bring more 2GB RAM phones already!

  6. Guest says:

    Did they increase the screen by a microscopic 0.3″… and then put the buttons ON the screen… decreasing it by 0.3″?

    Net gain: 0

  7. Is it going to kick out Galaxy SIII?

  8. Well see but SGS3 seems like it my next phone im over the 4s but will miss the apps.

  9. DANIEL says:

    jajaj yeah, the times has come, for my atrix, finally a phone that i think could be better, this new ones with q4 and 1.5 +13mpx , lcd hd and 2ram, im wating the moto ultra phone , with the docks and my fingerscaner.

  10. Brad Dudley says:

    I would buy it if it were an HTC. Sense rocks. Just my opinion, of course.

  11. rofla says:

    worst design I have ever seen.. classical LG calculator

  12. Jeremy says:

    I’m curious if this could be the basis of the next Nexus device.

    Quad-core. 2gb ram. LTE integrated. World-band (CDMA, WCDMA, HSPA, GSM).

    And the Adreno 320 has OpenCL support (320 is supposedly 4x as powerful as the 225 in the HTC One X according to Qualcomm).

    New Jellybean feature = Android OpenCL support?

  13. Unless Samsung comes up with something better, this is going to be my next phone. Galaxy S3 doesn’t hold a candle to this.