Is Pokémon Go Going to Change Mobile Gaming?

Filed under Editorials by Adam Torkildson on July 19, 2016 at 10:43 AM

Pokemon_GoYou’ve got to be on a complete internet and TV blackout to never have heard of Pokémon Go at this stage.  It is the biggest thing in the mobile gaming world right now, and, as you would expect, there is a whole lot of hype surrounding it.

All sorts of descriptions have been used in the hype train for this game. The only thing we’ve probably not seen in use whilst describing the game is that it could restore world peace and bring back dinosaurs.  So it isn’t shocking to hear and see people talking about how Pokémon Go is going to change the mobile gaming world. Will it though?

A Real Triple-A game

In the mobile gaming world, Triple A-games are few and far between.  This can partly be put down to the fact that the industry is still growing in comparison to the Console or PC gaming scenes. Triple-A games on mobiles include Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Clash of Clans.  These are games that were made solely for mobile and triggered off a revolution. Since launch, dozens of Candy Crush and Clash of Clans spin offs have hit the different app stores. That’s why they are real Triple A- Games.

Your high definition golf game on mobile isn’t one. Your best mobile casino, and some of them like the ones here are really good, doesn’t offer Triple-A Games. The slots and graphics may be amazing with interesting gameplay but you could get the same experience on a computer or in an offline casino. With Pokémon Go, it is mobile or nothing.  It is another addition to that privileged group.  It will indeed change mobile gaming. Disagree? Wait a few months until the clones and remake of popular games that imbibe the Pokémon Go model hits the stores!

Goal-Oriented Game Play

There have been many attempts at incentivising walking around with mobile gaming but they have all failed.  The magic behind Pokémon Go is the combination of goal-oriented gameplay, combined with outdoor activity.  The game incentivises things you already do on a daily basis such as going to work, hanging out with the lads, walking the dog, going for an evening walk, etc. whilst adding some goal oriented rewards to the mix.

What’s Next?

Nintendo’s lot has improved massively since launch of this game so it is expected that this formerly small internal project will blossom into something heavier with more injection of funds and a longer-term strategy. No one knows how Nintendo will react when the inevitable clones hit the market and start competition for users. One would suspect that this level of Pokémon Go madness will not be seen then but either way, we are in for some interesting times ahead.  There is already talk of trading upgrades and Pokestops as well as talk about making future Pokémon games compatible with Pokémon Go.

Even though Pokémon Go will not change the world, it will most definitely change the world of mobile gaming. Everything on ground right now points to the fact that we are witnessing the birth of a new genre!

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