iPhone 5S Supposedly Delayed Until October

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

The iPhone 5S will not be ready for the back-to-school season, at least according to one report.┬áCitigroup analyst Glen Yeung claims that Apple has run into production nightmares with the iPhone 5S and will be forced to push back the launch date to October, as opposed to launching it in September like the company had originally hoped. Yeung says the two to four-week delay is “likely due to display issues.”

The analyst goes on to claim that the Retina iPad mini has also been delayed because of the production issues and its launch has been pushed back until the fourth quarter of 2013.

Keep in mind that these are rumors on top of rumored released dates for rumored devices. I wouldn’t be too upset if I was hoping to buy an iPhone 5S this fall.

5 thoughts on “iPhone 5S Supposedly Delayed Until October

  1. I thought you said, “it will not be delayed.” What is going on with Apple? They are acting like mear mortals.

  2. I know, I did an article about that…should have never left Samsung – foolish pride…So what YOU are saying is that some of the reason Apple iPhone is so good is because they have a little Samsung in them??? Ha Ha!

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