iPhone 4 Plagued With Issues on Launch

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Apple fans were rejoicing when they found out they might be receiving their devices one day early on June 23rd. But, when their devices came, many users have experienced not-so-magical flaws in their devices. Countless YouTube videos have been posted confirming a major reception flaw that cuts phone reception when users are holding the iPhone in their hand. And many users are photographing devices that came with a yellow globbed tint in one area of their retina display.

Reception Issues

Previously, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was applauding the “fantastic engineering” that allowed Apple to stripe their latest and greatest device with an aluminum antenna. But, what users are finding out is that this wrap-around antenna is dramatically decreasing signal reception when blocked by an object such as a hand. When on a table, the iPhone 4 has fantastic signal reception, but when picked up, some users are complaining that the signal cuts out totally.

“I am getting horrible reception with my new iPhone 4. Dropped calls in places I never got dropped calls before. Downshifting to Edge frequently also. WTF Apple!” – Justin25

“If my phone is lying on my desk/couch/etc.., I have decent service in my house but when I pick the phone up with a full hand (palm + all fingers) my service drops quickly to “No Service”. If I use two or three fingers & hold it near the top, I have at least 2 bars & I can use the phone to make calls…” – Slim Johnson

“This is exactly what I’m getting. It’s a great phone when left on the table, but the moment you pick it up, it’s a paperweight. I’ve had more dropped and failed calls today with the 4 than I ever had with the previous iPhones combined. Seriously.” – magpie maniac

“The iPhone 4’s apparent reception seems to decrease when you hold the phone in your hands (around the antennas)… We’ve tried placing fingers in different positions to see if there is an exact spot triggering it, but all we seem to find is that, with great consistency, the bars plummet when we hold it and the palm and fingers come in contact with the sides.” – FameFoundry

Screen Issues

Users are complaining about yellow globs appearing on the screens of brand new iPhone 4’s. These globs are slight screen tints. Over three thousand Engadget readers have voiced a “Yes!” to their “Do you have a yellow screen problem?” poll on the blog. Pictures below.

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

iPhone 4 Yellow Screen

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