iOS Apps Crash More Often Than Android Apps?

Filed under Editorials, News by Korey Nicholson on February 3, 2012 at 6:04 PM
Percent App Crashes for Android and iOS

Percent App Crashes for Android and iOS

What in the world? With Apple’s carefully curated walled garden, could this possibly be correct? According to data collected by Crittercism, iOS apps appear to be more likely to crash on any given launch than Android apps. These results are based on crash data from 214 million application launches during the final two months of last year.

Before any assumptions are made regarding the relative stability of the host OSes, one must consider the fact that Android application updates are controlled directly by the software developers. That said, for whichever reason, it appears as if Android apps are generally more stable than their iOS counterparts—something especially noticeable in the second and third quartiles.

If the application stability disparity is indeed caused by Apple’s curation process, this could provide compelling evidence suggesting that Google’s approach is better for consumers, especially now that applications are set to be screened for malware. One thing this data can’t compare, however, is overall application quality—something that still generally seems to be slightly higher on iOS for many cross-platform applications.

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  1. I guess the, “it just works” reason isn’t valid anymore