Intel’s Medfield Enters the Smartphone World — Lenovo’s K800

Filed under News by Adam on January 10, 2012 at 5:14 PM
Lenovo K800

Lenovo K800

Intel’s Medfield-based Lenovo K800 was just revealed as the first one of its kind— an x86 architectural bag of goodness. Medfield marks Intel’s boom into the United Kingdom’s Arm Holdings’ territory. While Intel’s been relegated to the PC world, they’re looking to make a dent in mobile sales.

The Medfield SoC includes the famed x86 CPU, RAM, storage, and Imaginations Technologies GPU all on a 32nm chip, which is smaller than a penny. Intel claims a tested eight hours of 3G voice calls, six hours of 1080p video decoding, and five hours of browsing over 3G. Unfortunately, these battery stats won’t stack up next to the most efficient ARM processors. Still, we’ve yet to see how a Medfield SoC will perform “in the wild.”

In addition to product releases with Motorola and Lenovo, Intel looks to deploy a marketing team to help application developers fix their applications to work on the x86 architecture behind Medfield.

Lenovo K800

The Lenovo K800 was just shown off on stage at CES in Las Vegas. The device packs a  4.5-inch 720p screen with Android 4.0, an Atom Z2460 dual-core processor, and HSPA+ support. The phone’s set for a Chinese release initially, although no known plans exist to bring it to alternate countries.

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  1. I’m sure it’ll be nice and quick, but as I’m learning now with my x86 ICS tablet, almost nothing (relatively) is compatible with Android x86.