HUAWEI M650 and ZTE V55 Tablet Heading to Sprint?

Filed under Rumors by Adam on July 24, 2011 at 12:13 PM

ZTE V55 Tablet Coming 1Q of 2012?

Well look what we have here. A source of ours has dropped this leaked Sprint spreadsheet specifying estimated launch dates on future devices. On the list: the recently rumored Samsung Conquer D600, which was delayed until 8/21, the MB855 (Motorola Photon 4G) for 7/31, and the Blackberries (Bold 3 8/21, 9850 8/21, and Curve 4 9/9).

Further down on the list, there are two new additions. A device named “Sprint M650 Handset Kit,” which looks to be the HUAWEI M650. It is slated to launch on 10/30, but only time will tell if that sticks.

Below the M650 is another surprise. The ZTE V55 Tablet has been given an ETA of 1st quarter of 2012. Sprint’s been scarce on possible tablet details, so this could be something special. Nothing is known about this device at the moment. 3G/4G support is a possibility. Normally, ZTE restricts itself to Chinese carriers, but it is slowly creeping into the US market.

Another Motorola device shows up, too. The Motorola XT603 (MOT603KIT) passed WiFi certification, but no other information is known. It is stamped with a 10/2 release date. This might be another device from Motorola and Sprint’s new business partnership.

The LG LS700 disappeared from our list. Previously, it was listed under the Kyocera handsets, but now it’s gone MIA. Whether this means the LS700 was postponed or cancelled, we do not know. The LG LS700 was supposed to be the LG Optimus S Slider, not to be confused with the recently leaked LG LS685.

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