HTC Desire HD Updated

Filed under News by Adam on October 26, 2010 at 3:51 PM

HTC Desire HD Updated

HTC’s brand new EVO-like phone for the “rest of the world” has just received a brand new over-the-air update. The update for HTC’s Desire HD is labeled  Software Number 1.32.405.3. It is a fairly large update, so a WiFi connection is recommended.

According to HTC, the update addresses some new  “screen control and photo message compatibility enhancements.” The update will not improve regular photo quality as we understand it. Although, you may not be complaining, since the Desire HD takes some pretty nice shots.

Users are recommended to make backups before updating their phones to 1.32.405.3. There you have it! The Desire HD receives its very first over-the-air update!

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