How to Watch Hulu on Android 2.2

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Flash on Android 2.2

Hulu has patched up this loophole. It no longer works!

Now that you’ve picked up the Android 2.2 for Motorola Droid ROM, you’ll probably want to know how to get your Hulu thirst quenched. Well, we’ve got your answers right here. This strategy works temporarily, until Hulu decides to block Android devices again. Check out the process here:

Stock Browser:

  1. Launch stock browser.
  2. In URL field, type “about:debug” (minus the quotes)
  3. Click menu button, click on “more”, then choose settings.
  4. Scroll to bottom of settings and you should see option for UAString
  5. You will only see this option if you completed step 2
  6. Change UAString to “desktop”
  7. Browse to and watch your video

Each time the browser is restarted, you may have to re-complete this process to get Hulu working.

Dolphin Browser:

If you are using the infamous Dolphin Browser on your Android phone, you can watch Hulu on Android 2.2 by navigating to Menu » More » Settings » User Agent and changing it to Desktop. But, fair warning: you may get a “proxy error” that inhibits your ability to watch Hulu on Android 2.2.

XScope Browser:

  1. Enter about:debug in your stock browser’s address bar (it will look like nothing happens).
  2. Hit you menu, go to More | Settings — scroll to the very bottom, choose “UAString” and change it to “Desktop”.
  3. Go to this URL: Hulu Player Widget (

“Be careful when clicking around when the ad is playing though, it redirected me on several occasions, and when I hit “back” took me to the home page instead of the vid. And too much zooming and adjusting right away can crash it.”

You may have to turn the flash plugin on and off a few times before this works.

Thanks to esmith818, megaera, and inssane from AndroidForums for these processes.

How to Watch Hulu on Android 2.2

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