How To: Update T-Mobile Vibrant to Android 2.2

Filed under Guides by Adam on January 21, 2011 at 5:54 PM

Since we reported on the release of Android 2.2 for the T-Mobile Vibrant earlier today, many have asked, “How can I update my device?” No problem! Our short guide below will teach you how to update your Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) to Android 2.2 Froyo.

T-Mobile Vibrant Samsung Android 2.2 Froyo Upgrade Kies Mini Unregistered Device

Android 2.2 Froyo Vibrant Instructions

  1. First, register your T-Mobile Vibrant at Samsung’s website.
    • Click here. Press “I Own This” and then click “Register this product for service eligibility.”
    • Follow the instructions and register your device.
  2. Install Samsung’s Kies Mini program
  3. Enter “Debugging Mode” on your T-Mobile Vibrant
    • Go to Settings >> Applications
    • Turn on USB Debugging mode, ignoring the warning
  4. Plug in your T-Mobile Vibrant to your Windows PC
  5. Press the update button
  6. Congratulations!

“Unregistered Device” Error in Samsung Kies

Complete the instructions above and restart your Windows PC prior to plugging in your T-Mobile Vibrant to update.

2 responses to “How To: Update T-Mobile Vibrant to Android 2.2”

  1. Frank says:

    Get “unregistered device”. Kies recognizes SGH-T959 as well as my phone number but get “unregistered device” next to “Firmware version”. POS Samsung support and web site. What the hell does “unregistered device” mean?

  2. Modolg1 says:

    You are awesome !!, other website and even the official samsung web site instructions are so complicated and impractical