How To: Unlock AT&T One X Bootloader

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HTC One X - Bootloader Unlock

HTC One X – Bootloader Unlock

So you saw the good news earlier today. Now, you want to unlock your own bootloader. But, you’re not comfortable with hex-editing and all that jazz. No worries! Thanks to famed Android developer DesignGears, you can use this simple tool below to unlock your AT&T HTC One X. Simply download the tool, run it, and follow the instructions on-screen.


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  1. Root your AT&T One X.
  2. Download the file. (Mirror)
  3. Extract into a directory on your computer.
  4. Plug your HTC One X into your computer via USB.
    • Recommended: Plug your device’s USB cable into the back of your computer if you’re using a desktop PC.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your HTC One X.
    • Settings >> Developer Options >>USB debugging (checked)
  6. Place the phone in Charge Only mode.
    • Pull down notifications bar, click on USB connection type, and switch to “Charge only.”
  7. Double click Unlock-Bootloader.bat to run the script. (Windows)
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  9. Once you are in bootloader mode, press any key and dump out the unlock token.
  10. Right click the very first “<” sign in the unlock token.
  11. Press “Mark”
  12. Click that first “<” sign after the “< Please cut following message >” statement and highlight until the very last “>” sign. Essentially, you’re highlighting all the text of the token excluding “(bootloader).”

    Copy Bootloader Unlock Token

    Copy Bootloader Unlock Token

  13. Right click the highlighted part again to copy the text.
  14. Go to
  15. Register a username and login.
  16. Once logged in, navigate to this page.
  17. Scroll to the bottom and paste your unlock token in the field.
  18. Press submit.
  19. You will now receive an email with a file titled “Unlock_code.bin” attached.
  20. Download that Unlock_code.bin and drop it in the folder you extracted the tool into.
  21. Press any key in the tool window to resume the script.
  22. Congratulations! Your AT&T One X now has an unlocked bootloader.

37 responses to “How To: Unlock AT&T One X Bootloader”

  1. JS says:

    Awesome! Worked Great!

  2. Billy says:

    Here’s a linux script to get SuperCID. It’s fully automated, but only does SuperCID, no unlocking.

    Dowload SuperCID-OneXL.tar.gz

    Extract the file

    Open a terminal window in the directory it creates

    Type: chmod +x

    Press enter.

    Type: ./

    And you’re done!

    This works with Rogers and AT&T. If somebody could get me the CIDs
    for any other One XL variants, I could make it work for those too.



  3. Otto says:

    How do we run this script on mac?

  4. skillfulshoe says:

    Is it necessary to root it before everything else?

  5. denpad2010 says:

    perfect thank you very much

  6. DRosado says:

    where is the unlock-bootloader.bat file?

    • tropazr says:

      wondering the same thing….what am i missing?

    • Same exact question. I have Spoof-CID.bat, but that is the only .bat file located within the zip. I ASSUME that the Spoof-CID.bat file is the file in question, but assuming leads to soft-bricks, and sometimes hard-bricks. Having that said, my assumptions can stay nice and quiet for a while until I get an answer from DesignGears.

  7. Mrnifty says:

    Thank You, Easy to understand instructions.

  8. Bukki Awan says:

    ( once you are in bootloader mode, press any key to dump the cid and unlock token…

    press any key to continue

    ) i am stuck here i did this part over and over. what key exactly am i suppose to press.. because it wont go pass this.. NEED HELP!!

    • Atticus Massie says:

      Same here

    • Ahmad Khodary says:

      Same here :(

      • Ahmad Khodary says:

        I fixed that …

        1) make sure you have the correct driver
        2) DO NOT connect your USB cable to USB 3.0 port, it will disconnect the device once it goes to bootloader

        • Brett Hunter says:

          Press a key on the computer keyboard, you’re just allowing the script to proceed to the next step, also follow Ahmad’s directions and you’ll be good. If you’re still stuck then just google the fastboot drivers for HTC one X, My system installed them automatically… so you may want to make sure that your computer is set to automatically check windows update for drivers.

    • I GOT IT!! OK so download these drivers somewhere:

      And then when you’re in fastboot/bootloader mode, go to device manager (Right click Computer and Manage in Win7/8 and go to Device Manager on the left). Find “Android 1.0” with the triangle, right click and Update Drivers. Browse manually to the folder you unzipped the drivers in the link to (the first one) and make sure you have include subfolders checked. It should work. Go back to the script and it had my token there already, didn’t even have to start over (I think it just connects the USB instantly so it all works)

  9. Does this erase your phone?

  10. steb0ne says:

    If u can’t follow these instructions…u probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway, lol!

  11. acles003 says:

    I am running Windows 7 off of Parallels 7 on a MacBook running OSX 10.7 Lion. I keep getting stuck on . I have restarted it and tried about 5 times, no success. Any help?

  12. Joe Irvine says:

    It works, but it wiped my phone too. Be sure to back up first.

  13. Larry Marranzino says:

    I tried this yet I cannot get the BIN file to open on MY PC I am running W7 64bit. Any thoughts I got the code yet no luck getting to it… I did the root and it worked great.

  14. PhyiscsDude says:

    I had the same problem.

    The source of the problem is I didn’t have the Android 1.0 drivers to access the phone in bootloader mode.

    I downloaded this and it fixed it:


    • Alex91 says:

      Did not help, installed these drivers correctly, yet still lose USB connection when I enter bootloader mode

      • Guest says:

        In BOOTLOADER hit the power botton to select FASTBOOT then select REBOOT BOOTLOADER. The screen should turn off briefly and then come back up in BOOTLOADER. This should reset any disconnect via USB 2 or USB 3 for your current session.

  15. raghu135 says:

    worked great !!!! easy steps

  16. SheWolf says:

    not working for me :( been trying all nite. never had a phone fight me so much to get bootloader unlocked… any tips?? stuck on “waiting for device” tried updating drivers, check for update, change clock 2 days ahead and rebbot…. dont know what else to do

  17. Shaoda Liu says:

    (Restarting ADB Pulling files Checking files Couldn’t pull files from device. Your device was not altered.)what wrong with it ? what should i do after it?HELP,THANK YOU !

    • make sure your device is unlocked, like at the home screen (kind of redundant for the rest but ill leave it). install SuperSU from the Market/Play Store (should be first one, free), it requires a rooted device (so does all this anyway). Make sure that’s installed and now when you run the script you’ll see a poweruser request, grant it and voila. hope that helps

  18. Sonya says:

    Does this still work? My build is 1.73. It is rooted already.

  19. Theo Macris says:

    worked for me too, but it wiped all my settings. My photos were spared but I had to go through setup again. The hardest part I had was staying logged into Seemed like every time I would login it would log me out when I went to a new page. PITA. Thanks for the chop.

  20. Theo Macris says:

    Meh, all my apps are gone too. Guess it doesn’t matter that much, BUT I WAS ON BUBBLES LEVEL 42!! hahahaha

  21. Ece says:

    can we do this with the 2.20 version??