How To: Switch to Landscape Tablet UI on Nexus 7

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Landscape Mode - Nexus 7

Landscape Mode – Nexus 7

Google decided to create the Nexus 7’s Jelly Bean user interface with a dominant portrait mode that overrides the landscape rotation in key applications such as the home screen launcher. The idea was that the seven inch display was more conducive to a portrait interface than a landscape one. But, some users are more happy with the old horizontal view. In order to achieve that landscape view, you’ll need to change the LCD density on the Nexus 7. Simply follow the directions below if you’re up for the (easy) challenge.

[heading]How To: Switch to Landscape Tablet UI on Nexus 7[/heading]


  1. Rooted Nexus 7
  2. Backup of original, unmodified build.prop
  3. File explorer with root access

  1. Download a file explorer. We suggest ES File Explorer from the Google Play Store.
  2. In the ES File Explorer settings, make sure to enable root access and mount the system as rewritable.
  3. Go to /system in the file explorer
  4. Find build.prop (backup the file)
  5. Edit build.prop with a text editor (ie. ES Text Editor)
  6. Scroll down to “ro.sf.lcd_density”
  7. Change the value to “175”
  8. Save the file.
  9. Reboot the Nexus 7

Thank you to XDA user SladeNoctis for this fantastic tutorial!

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