How to Build a Website from Your Phone

Filed under Development by Adam Torkildson on March 17, 2016 at 2:29 PM

That’s right: you can build a website from your smartphone! So if you’re on the go and need to create a one-page resume website before a job interview, or build a startup the moment you think of it. We use our mobile phones for so much else in our lives that it seems long past time that we should be able to build websites from them.


The trick is that many of the very same website builder tools which have become popular web-development tools are releasing website-building apps to help their existing clients manage their websites from smartphones… and to help new clients build from smartphones. The way these tools work, traditionally, is that after you register, you get to select the template or theme for your website.


That’s just the overall look and feel; background colors, picture and logo placement, menu style. And once you make your selection, you go through the template, switching out stock text and images for your own. On a desktop, this process has shortened the time to create a website from weeks to hours. Translating this process to a mobile interface took a few creative solutions: first, all the available templates have to be mobile responsive to begin with, and then editing tools had to be refined to anticipate mobile-use issues and interfaces.


But not all website building apps are interchangeable, and some of them provide better tools and functionality than others. So we’re going to walk you through the top options and list their pros and cons, so that you can better pick the best app for you!

The Wix Website Builder

Some website builders just compress their website templates to make them ‘mobile friendly’. Not Wix! It gives you a mobile version of the theme you select, but as soon as you try to view the website on a desktop, it widens easily and still looks great. Best of all, you can choose to hide some kinds of content on the mobile site, to ensure you don’t run into an infinite-scrolling situation. The app is easy to interface with, intuitive, and hassle-free. Wix is also one of the cheaper website builders, which is a definite plus.

Godaddy GoMobile Website Builder

If you’ve considered building a website in the past, you’re probably familiar with Godaddy: one of the largest domain name and hosting providers on the internet. They’ve upgraded their Website Builder services to include the Godaddy GoMobile Website Builder. This app focuses on helping you build an excellent mobile website, and in the past, didn’t offer transitions which helped the mobile website look different when viewed on a tablet or desktop. And while the mobile-optimized sites look and handle excellently, even now that they’ve adjusted for wider screens, the larger format doesn’t look nearly as good as  the options using other bonuses. You’ll also need to pay for hosting with this app, which is a bit of a drag when other options are cheaper or free. A quick look at this Godaddy builder review will prove that their desktop interface is much better.

The Weebly App

Weebly’s not as well-known as Godaddy or Wix, but it still packs a punch! Their mobile website builder app allows you to pick from mobile-optimized theme, which like Wix, translates very easily between mobile and desktop versions. But they don’t offer the same customization ability that Wix does in determining just what a mobile visitor sees. You can add in social, edit color schemes, and drag-and-drop edits as needed. Basically, it provides all the basic functions which you need to make a solid-looking and well-performing website, without any excellent additional features. So if you’re just wanting to get the job done efficiently, this is a great pick for you.


Wix clearly stands out from the rest, where mobile website building is concerned… but there might be good reasons to consider the other options out there. Available themes, cost, and ease of use on your phone could all factor in. And some apps might work best for the iOS or the Android, and perform less well on a different OS. Do your homework on the brands themselves before making a final commitment.

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