How Technology Is Helping Renters And Property Managers

Filed under Editorials by Adam Torkildson on September 7, 2016 at 9:48 AM

Once upon a time when you wanted to let people know that you had an apartment or building available for rent you needed to take an ad out in the local paper. It was basically your only option. Then, the people looking for a place to rent only had that same option for finding a place to rent.

Now that the internet is abound, and people can carry little computers in their pockets, there are many more ways people can find places to live and rent. Not only is it a great benefit to the people looking for rental properties, but this is also an asset to people with places to rent.

Creating A Website

Start by creating an effective website where potential renters can find out what you have to offer. Like the link example shows, you want a website that explains what you have to offer (here they are offering the property management services to people that own apartment buildings), includes a map to where your property is listed, and even lets people know what you’re going to need from them in order to rent a home to them.

Utilize Apps And Other Features

There’s an app for everything these days, and that means there are apps that people can use in order to find a home to rent. Make sure that you are using the apps available for your business to post your available properties. Apps give folks looking for a place to live a handy way to hunt, where they don’t need to be at home sitting at their computer.

You may also want to consider having a place where home hunters can sign up with their smartphone numbers in order to get text blasts when a new unit becomes available. This takes some of the stress off of individuals looking for a place to rent, and might help keep your properties from staying on the market for too long.

Can Help You Save Money

While it can still sometimes be handy to advertise your rental unit in a local newspaper, this can also be a pretty expensive thing to do, since advertising rates have gone up for most newspaper due to the lack of advertisers (hey, it’s free to use things like Facebook and Craigslist to post ads).

You may find that more people do their apartment and rental house searches online these days anyway, so it can be a benefit to both use free online avenues and pay for online advertising on sites like as well.

If you are using things like text blasts and the free avenues with social media to advertise your available units, it’s pretty likely you can save on most paid avenues. These things can help you rent faster, keeping your profit margins up.

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