How Technology is Helping Homeowners Get Chores Done, Faster

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Technology definitely makes our lives easier, even if it doesn’t always feel that way when the home PC crashes for what seems like the hundredth time. When you are a homeowner, there are a hundred and one different things to worry about, from leaking roofs and blocked pipes, to whether you can afford to pay the electricity bill this month. Fortunately, thanks to some aspects of modern technology, you can breathe a sigh of relief and get on with your daily routine a bit faster.


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Finding Contractors

Home maintenance is a necessary evil. Given how much properties cost these days, it is foolish to ignore chores that need doing. After all, if you don’t fix that hole in the roof or have the air-con serviced by a professional, you run the risk of further expense and a host of more difficult problems. I recently discovered a mobile app finds a home pro near me. This makes life a lot easier if you need a plumber or electrician at short notice.

Saving Energy

Saving energy is not just about saving the environment – although this is something we do all need to pay attention to. No, saving energy in this instance is about saving money on your home utility bills. New smart meters help homeowners monitor how much gas and electricity they are using at home. If they notice spikes at certain times of the day, such as when the tumble drier is switched on, they can look at ways to reduce it.

Home Security

Home security is a big issue for many homeowners, particularly if you have to spend time away from home on business and your property is empty. Modern home security systems are highly sophisticated. Hidden cameras, movement sensors and remote monitoring systems can turn a property into an impenetrable fortress. You can even use a smartphone app to log into your home security cameras and check whether everything is OK.

Home Automation Tools

Home automation tools are a lot smarter these days. You can use your smartphone to control every aspect of your home life, from lighting in different rooms to how hot the bedrooms are. You can even buy smart plant sensors that water your precious plants while you are away from home. Other home automation tools include delay buttons on washing machines and dishwashers, pre-set oven timers, and sensors to remind you when the water filter on the refrigerator needs changing.

Drone Shopping

Shopping for groceries and other items for the home is time consuming. Most people don’t have the time or the inclination to go to a local store, so they choose to shop online. However, drone shopping is now on the horizon, with giant retailers like Amazon researching the possibility of using drones to deliver packages. Indeed, the first drone delivery actually took place in 2015, but it may be a while before it comes mainstream.

There is no doubt that technology is set to change the way we live our lives, so watch this space for future exciting developments.

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