How Low Will Apple Go To Attack Android / Samsung?

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Phil Schiller

Phil Schiller

In, what can only be called a desperate attempt to appease stockholders and iPhone owners, Apple’s Marketing Chief, Phil Schiller, attacked Google’s “fragmented” Android OS, and its biggest user, Samsung…all of this the day before Samsung’s newest flagship phone, Galaxy S4, is revealed.

He is accusing Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy S4, of coming out with year old software that will already need upgraded – apparently Mr. Schiller has never tried Jelly Bean because it is smooth, fluid, and fast as any iOS. Schiller claims that Apple’s own internal research shows that four times as many customers are switching from Android to iOS, not the other way around. He states, “At Apple we know that it’s not just enough to have products pumped out in large numbers, you have to love and use them. There is a lot of data showing a big disparity there.” It certainly seems with the large number of Android phones being activated that someone must love their phones.

Schiller goes on to say, “When you take an Android device out of the box, you have to sign up to nine accounts with different vendors to get the experience iOS comes with, they don’t work seamlessly together.” This is true, to some extent, since Apple controls everything and ties you into one ecosystem that limits the user, whereas, Android gives the user more options and services that are not available to an iOS user.

Apple is still the largest and richest technology company today with a cash pile of over $137 billion, but Samsung has stuck a blow to Apple’s iPhone, by finally globally outselling them in 2012. Samsung has continued to combat Apple by taking a page from Apple’s own handbook – a very aggressive advertising campaign. In addition, Samsung has been incorporating new technology into their phones at a rapid rate, such as NFC, easy Multi-tasking, Split Screens, Smart Screen features, S-Pens, Wireless Charging, etc.

This aggressive turnaround by Samsung has Apple back on their heels, trying to dig in and press forward past their latest criticisms, to capture that Apple “mystique” that has been tarnished of late. Apple has long fought the need for a larger screen, always bragging about their beautiful retina display. Schiller said the screen on the iPhone is “still the best display of any smartphone.” While he spouts off about the iPhone’s small display, the new Android phones coming out will, not only sport a much larger screen, but also will have many more Pixels per Inch (PPI) than the iPhone.

As far as size of the phones goes, Schiller says, “Given the iPhone 5 is so thin and light, the reason that people are making their devices bigger is to get up to the battery life the iPhone 5 offers.” I am not sure what tests he is reading, but there are Android phones, such as the Droid Razr MAXX HD, that are slightly larger than the iPhone 5 that blow away Apple’s battery life.

I am not sure what kind of “Kool-Aid” Mr. Schiller has been drinking, but it sounds like the same batch that Mike Lazaridis from RIM got his hands on. It is okay to throw out a zinger occasionally, but when you start believing your own mudslinging is when you get into trouble. Am I saying Apple will go by the way of RIM or BlackBerry, certainly not? What I am saying is that most consumers are smart enough to know when you are telling the truth or sending up a smoke screen. Apple has been living on its past reputation and it is sad to see one of their executives reduce themselves to name calling…as Mel Brooks once wrote, “You are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind.”

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3 responses to “How Low Will Apple Go To Attack Android / Samsung?”

  1. kenyee says:

    Blowing smoke indeed.
    Samsung is beating Apple because they’re INNOVATING instead of just offering incremental boring upgrades when the market has already moved on. And their main differentiator is their SAMOLED screen which is nice and vibrant as they said when they compared their early phones w/ the iPhone.
    We’ll see how much new stuff the S4 finally rolls out with tonight, but I’ll bet it’ll still have more feature than the iPhone 5s or whatever they’re releasing this year ;-)

    • corymcnutt says:

      I agree, I think people are tired of simply accepting a new iPhone just because Apple makes it. You can control the market and people only so long with your past innovations, eventually we rise up and demand more.

  2. Lars Callahan says:

    This is some of the most desperate tripe I’ve ever heard. Apple should be ashamed of themselves, and stop acting like school bullies on a playground. Perhaps these Apple execs ought to stop waiting for Steve Jobs to come back and innovate for them… it may be a while. They might want to get innovating themselves.