Honeycomb 3.1 Rolling Out to Asus Transformers Now

Filed under News by Adam on June 1, 2011 at 4:17 AM

Asus Transformer 3.1

It seems that Asus wasn’t kidding when they said they intend to start rolling out the 3.1 honeycomb update in the beginning of June since it seems that the roll out has already started. Looking around online there are reports that others are starting to get the updates and I can confirm on the unit available to me that the update was live when I woke up in the morning; good job Asus! I’m very happy to see that honeycomb tablets are getting these updates much faster than phones typically do, I wonder if it’s in part because the transformer is not beholden to any carriers. I hope that moving forwarding Android phones also get updates just as fast. For those that don’t know the details you can read more about what 3.1 brings to Android tablets here.

2 responses to “Honeycomb 3.1 Rolling Out to Asus Transformers Now”

  1. Coty Spence says:

    Nice. Glad to see the XOOM isn’t getting all the action.

  2. Ericstanley says:

    Where the hell is Xoom rollout