Google’s Android 4.2 Announced — Updated Google Now, Swype-Like Keyboard, Multiple Users

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Google Now

We leaked Android 4.2 on the Nexus 10 just days ago, but now everything’s been made official by the folks at Google. The brand new operating system update includes a plethora of changes. We’ll list them below.


Photo Sphere Camera

The camera interface has been completely updated with a new Photo Sphere feature that allows users to take immersive spherical pictures that capture more than a traditional panoramic area. See the video below.


Android 4.2 - Gesture Typing

Google’s also packed Android 4.2 with a smarter keyboard that includes a Gesture Typing option, utilizing similar technology to that of Swype. Android dictionaries are now “more accurate and relevant,” claims Google. And, improved text-to-speech capabilities allow for more accurate voice typing.

Multiple User Accounts

Android 4.2 - Multiple User Accounts

For Android 4.2 tablets, multiple user accounts have been enabled. This will allow users to share tablets with family and friends whilst pulling data from the correct Google accounts. With multiple accounts, each user has his/her own homescreen, wallpaper, widgets, applications, games, and data. Switching between users is seemless and does not require “logging in and out.”

TV Connection

Android 4.2 - TV Connect

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean allows users to utilize their bigger screen televisions and monitory with wireless display technology. Connecting a wireless HDMI adapter to any HDMI television will allow mirroring of the device on the television.



When an Android 4.2 device is idle or docked, it moves into Daydream mode. The device will show off photo albums, news from Google currents, and more information as a screensaver.

Google Now

Google Now

Google Now has received an update to enable information cards for flights, hotels, restaurant reservations, events, and package delivery. Cards will show up only when necessary. For example, if you’re standing on a transit platform, Google Now will tell you when the next train is supposed to arrive. Movie times, popular photo-taking spots, concerts, stocks, breaking news, translations, and nearby attractions will also be fed to Google Now users.

Quick Settings

Android 4.2 - Quick Settings

Android 4.2 – Quick Settings

The Quick Settings menu will be available for Android 4.2 users to allow easy user account switching and power toggles. Quick access to WiFi, Bluetooth, screen rotation, display brightness, battery mode, and airplane mode is available via a button inside of the notifications tray.

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  1. Thanks for the quick review

  2. somedude13 says:

    Any mentions of dates?

  3. joe says:

    Will the update push out to unlocked galaxy nexus owners on the day as well

  4. Sam Sullivan says:

    This is a very nice handful of features for an incremental OS upgrade. You did a great job summarizing it, as always Ken. Can’t wait for the 13th!