Google CFO Wants Chrome OS To Become the Android of PCs

Filed under News by Adam on February 28, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Android of PCs

Chrome OS has always been a bit of a hobby for Google, and the desktop-esque operating system seemed to take a backseat to some of the company’s bigger projects like Android and other Google services. However, with the recent introduction of the Chromebook Pixel, it seems that Google is putting forth a renewed effort to establish Chrome OS as a viable alternative to Linux, OS X, and Windows – and today, Google CFO Patrick Pichette told journalists he has high hopes for that becoming a reality.

While taking questions from the journalists who attended today’s Morgan Stanley media conference, Pichette was asked if he sees a future in which Chrome OS would become the most popular desktop operating system, much like Android has far and away become the most popular mobile operating system. In response:

[quote]The short answer is yes. There is a better mousetrap, it’s been invented and it’s called Chrome OS.[/quote]

Pichette went on to commend Chrome OS in a number of ways, including being incredibly secure for enterprise use, as well as having an easy and fast way to connect to Google Docs.

Chromebooks are only just starting to ramp up in terms of popularity, with Samsung’s $250 Chromebook setting up the trend of cheaper Chromebooks from a variety of manufacturers. Pichette’s dream likely won’t become a reality any time soon, but it’s certainly a possibility in the near future as more and more of consumers’ favorite services hit the cloud.

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