Get maintenance management system on your mobile – Few reasons for CMMS to go mobile

Filed under News by Korey Nicholson on September 12, 2017 at 1:46 PM

It almost goes without mentioning that the work of a technician is mobile and due to this the platform for work that they use should be mobile as well. A Software Advice Survey done by few expert computer professionals found out that a combined 75% of professionals dedicated to the maintenance management system claimed that a mobile CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) could definitely offer a noteworthy improvement in efficiency.

Task management app users or mobile CMMS can let the user view current work and receive new orders, click pictures which can be added to company asset profiles, pull out information and also scan barcodes. With the sudden shift to mobile devices and Google emphasizing on the mobile-first approach, it becomes even more important to shift the CMMS industry to mobile devices so that workers get real time access to data from anywhere. Lets’ go through the reasons behind the shift to mobile devices.


  • Management of work orders can be more streamlined


The backbone of any maintenance section is work orders. Since more and more technicians are out here and there performing jobs, they need prompter access to work orders from the CMMS that their companies are using. When there is mobile CMMS, there will be faster dispatch of orders from the managerial level down to the technicians, there can be notifications when a new work order arrives even while you’re out in the market and you can also feed in the total time that you took to perform the job on the spot. So, utilizing mobile and hand-held devices will certainly reduce the entire closeout cycle for several orders.


  • Management of parts inventory becomes easier


In the maintenance department, there is a huge parts inventory which has to be managed and this is a big headache and a reason for too much cost-drain. But when you use your smartphone devices, you can obtain parts then and there on the dock and since you can add the Bar Code and RFID functions, this offers even better advantages. When you’re out for an equipment repair and enter the parts real time, this ensures perfect accuracy of inventory management. So, managing physical inventory becomes more efficient with mobile devices.


  • Better performance of assets


For the technicians who are working in the field, mobile devices offer an invaluable history on asset data which they can always have at their fingertips. History of usage, readings of different equipments and maintenance data can be entered and collected within the database of CMMS real time. So, we see that real time entry of data doesn’t only help you save your precious time but also helps with accurate info. Moreover, since you’re able to review asset maintenance and the condition of the assets, you can ensure longevity of assets as well. Devising a preventative maintenance plan also gets easier for your company.


  • Navigation and organization becomes effortless


Since all mobile hand-held devices these days are touch-screen controlled, it reduces the load of work during the training sessions. Due to this navigation and organization of the CMMS software on mobile devices become more streamlined. Technicians, irrespective of their location can navigate through several work orders just by a dropdown list and through the menu screen. With a simple touch on your smartphone screen, your technician can view work details and update the status.

Eventually, mobile hand-held devices are soon becoming the basic platform for updating data real-time, carrying out work orders more proficiently and the freedom to organize CMMS with few controls. So, by adding mobile technology, you can get the best out of your labor force and assets.

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