Galaxy Note 8.0 Accessories

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

Our friends at Gearzap will be offering Official Samsung accessories for the newly released, in the UK and soon to be coming to the U.S., Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet.  Below is the list of items that are available.

Galaxy Note 8.0 Cover

Galaxy Note 8.0 Cover, which will be very similar to the other “book-like” covers that offer protection of the screen, as well as fold-able to allow the tablet to be viewed at two different angles.  They come in several colors such as dark gray, white, berry pink, lime green, and garnet red.


Galaxy Note 8.0 Pouch

 Next is the Galaxy Note 8.0 Pouch Stand, which allows the user to completely remove the device from the protective pouch, yet it will fold and allow two different viewing angles, as does the cover.


 Galaxy Note 8.0 Car Dock

Galaxy Note 8.0 Vehicle Dock, to mount your device on your car’s dashboard or windshield for use as a GPS or other option you desire, all while charging while you drive.


Galaxy Note 8.0 Protective Cover

Galaxy Note 8.0 Screen Protectors are also available to cover and protect the screen from scratches and keep it looking new for as long as you own your tablet.

Galaxy Note 8.0 S-Pen

 Galaxy Note 8.0 S-Pens are also available from Gearzap – the S-Pen really differentiates the Galaxy Notes from other tablets, making for an exceptional user experience.

Check out these Genuine Samsung Accessories – It’s nice to have them before your tablet arrives!

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