Galaxy Note 2 Confirmed for Verizon — SCH-I605

Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)
Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is coming to Verizon, according to a reputable source who handed us the following screenshot from the device. With model number SCH-I605, the device will be Samsung’s first multi-carrier release of the Note. Last year’s model was released (in the States) only on AT&T’s network. This year, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Bell, and Sprint are supposed to receive a version of the device. We leaked AT&T Note screenshots yesterday.

Our source claims the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 will be equipped with a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE service. It will look identical to the international model, but have Verizon badging all over. Even the home button is branded. (We are working on getting pictures of that).

In addition, we can confirm that the Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to US Cellular as well, something unreported thus far. In summary, the Galaxy Note 2 will be coming to every single major American carrier: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and US Cellular. All models will be identical, according to the source. An announcement is not far off. Unfortunately, after the announcement, each carrier will have a separate release date. We could see the device releases staggered over days, weeks, or months.

Update: We know screenshots can be difficult to believe. To further support our assertion that the Verizon Note 2 is real, we dug up some cached handset detection archives showing off the device with the same build number. In addition, here are some Flickr streams with photos uploaded from this model (2).

33 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 2 Confirmed for Verizon — SCH-I605

        1. I am already to greet you as my new visitor. We only publish reliable information because we don’t want to risk ruining our reputation. It is around 2 weeks after testing is completed that the device goes on sale. The devices were just handed out 2 days ago. No price no ETA

          1. Two days ago, with your post being five days old now, would be 7 days ago- so September 7 or thereabout.

            The Flickr stream you linked to shows photos taken August 25 and uploaded August 28.

            Am I correctly inferring that the source for the photos and the handset detection link is separate from those who received devices on or about September 7?

        2. I’d charge 300. The Galaxy Note (ATT) went down from 249 to 199 almost overnight about a week ago, so I think they are trying to get any sales they can before the comp shows up.

  1. Thanks Brief Mobile! Nice work. I’ve been waiting for this phone for SO long. Glad that hopefully Verizon was smart enough to realize the potential of offering this phone.

  2. OMG! Galaxy Note II with Exynos (not Crapdragon) and, hopefully, 2GB finally coming to Verizon LTE. Been waiting forever since original Galaxy Note.

      1. Looking forward to them! I really have to see it to believe it, as this phone on VZW’s amazing 4GLTE network would be incredible. I’d be satisfied for at least a year ;D

          1. Haha, that’s hilarious. It’s kind of a gay move on Verizon’s part, but honestly idk what they put on the outside of the phone as long as the specs on the inside are as amazing as you say.

          2. thats ok with me if verizon has there branding all over it,, i will just take some contact paper and pin stripping and cover it all up so i wont have to advertize for them this way, or they can pay me for doing there advertizeing ! with verizon having ther brading all over his ph will not make it run any different. hell t will be my ph to begin with agter i pay full price for it so what can they do with my ph just because i have done this, take it away from me? like hell it wont stop the service on it either, it will run the sam way too, so get over this brading jumk people , it wont make the ph run any different, just get things to cover it all up so you wont haveto see VERIZON,S LOGO!

  3. Samsung Note 2 Verizon


    C’mon Big Red. Make it happen!!! My 2yrs are
    up on Oct 8th, so if VZW doesn’t offer this Baby I’ll be jumpin’ ship
    into the Blue Abyss………….

  4. If all this Verizon branding nonsense is true, I guess I’m going to have to order an international case from ebay.somethingotherthancom.

  5. I SOOO Pray to god that Verizon actually does finally get THIS Phone…. I purchased the orig Galaxy Note from Newegg when it was on sale for $499 retail. Used with an Unlimited Simply Mobile Sim Card for several Months. I have been Eligible for a Verizon Upgrade since April but am Waiting on a Phone that I truely will be happy with. I was VERY Close to Upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S III since everyone was saying that there was NO Chance of Verizon getting the NOTE 2… But Now Im TORN. If they will Truely Be Getting the NOTE 2 THEN I WILL WAIT…. IF THIS IS ALL BS, Then I would rather just go ahead and get the Galaxy S III and be happy with it….




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