Future of Google Wallet — More Availability, Boarding Passes, ID Cards, Coupons, and Gift Cards

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Google Wallet

Google Wallet

Today, Google hosted a live discussion on YouTube regarding the future of Google Wallet. The Product Manager for Google Wallet, Robin Dua, unveiled the trajectory of the Wallet project.

More Wallet Items

He specifically named the eventual inclusion of boarding passes, ID cards, and gift cards. Dua’s objective is to allow Google Wallet to flourish and replace the traditional wallet. That means, in the ideal near future, Google Wallet would be a way for users to condense the traditional wallet into a digital application. “Everything you’d find in a normal wallet”— that’s what Google’s Robin Dua envisions as the future of the NFC-based application.

Google is working with airlines, credential providers, and other companies to create an open platform in which all sorts of partners can issue secure credentials. The possibilities here are endless, that could include boarding passes, event tickets, gift cards, government identification, school student identification, and etc. With a single tap, users will be able to load coupons, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, credentials, and deals.

[quote]”We want you to be able to leave your leather wallet at home and carry your phone.”[/quote]

More Carriers

“We’ve been in discussions with more carriers” and “stay tuned” for more announcements soon, said the Wallet Product Manager. That could mean that AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and/or other carriers are actively planning the rollout of Google Wallet on their Android devices.

“We are working on expanding our carrier distribution… We hope to announce some partnerships soon.”

More Countries

Google is also “actively planning” the rollout into “additional markets” outside of the United States. The company is excited to expand their offerings worldwide.

More Merchants

“Contactless readers” are starting to push downmarket, according to Dua. Loyalty and coupon programs are one way that Google’s trying to get small businesses to adopt Google Wallet systems.

Google will be working with metropolitan transit systems in order to get transit passes into the Wallet.

Pay Others

Google is focused on getting credentials and payment types into the Wallet, but Dua said, “a wallet wouldn’t be fully functional… if users weren’t able to transact with other users… We recognize there is a need. Stay tuned.”

Competition With ISIS

ISIS is working on “direct provisioning” of cards to an issuer. Dua doesn’t think this approach is scalable. He believes Wallet is better for end users and merchants with its new cloud-based model.

Contactless ATMs

Contactless NFC-based ATM machines are “further down the road.”

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  1. Shawn Paul Neckelmann says:

    I’m sure the diehard Android Community is well aware & excited at the idea of Google Wallet, but don’t expect the average person to care, much less know, about GW until it’s available on a MUCH wider range of devices.