Foxconn Executive Confirms Apple’s iTV

Filed under Rumors by LRA on May 11, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Apple HDTV

Apple HDTV

The mythical Apple iTV may have just become reality.  China Daily is reporting that Foxconn Technology Group founder and chief executive Terry Gou has stated that Foxconn will soon begin manufacturing a television for Apple. Supposedly, Foxconn is preparing its facilities so that when they are given the green light, they can begin production for Apple’s HDTV. Rumor has it that the iTV will look very similar Apple’s LED Cinema Display.  Features will include an aluminum casing, iOS, Siri voice-powered remote control, and an advanced iSight camera – that can zoom and follow you around the room – for FaceTime video chats. Speculation of the launch date ranges from this fall to early 2014.

Source  //  China Daily

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