Following the Convergence of Tech Trends and Primal Instincts

Filed under Editorials by Adam Torkildson on August 30, 2016 at 7:32 AM

You might think that technology and primal instincts are on opposite sides of the theoretical spectrum, but when it comes to a few things in particular, there are definitely places where they coincide.

Five places in particular that you can see these categories overlap will include thing like inside of hunting technology, video game realism, the Pokemon phenomenon, upcoming virtual reality trends, and even with something as basic and ancient as the proverbial ‘runner’s high’. Consider how each of these connections occur.

Hunting Technology

What can be more primitive and instinctual that humans hunting out in the wild? From the earliest caveman days, hunting was all about survival. Now, with new gun technology available, hunters can move their ways through that primal urge, but with better tools to do it. Specifically when it comes to firearms and even bow and arrow hunting, there’s a great satisfaction to be found in using the latest technology to improve your primal skills of stalking down your prey and then cleanly and efficiently turning them into dinner!

Video Game Realism

And think about video games, both for computers and for major market video game systems. One of the most interesting games on the market right now literally attempts to randomly seed the idea of evolution into a moving concept. Within the constructs of the game, it’s impossible to play every level, and see every development, because the programming is based on evolving systems thinking. This game mixes digital primeval ooze and mixes it with the most powerful processing available to mankind on a consumer level. Talk about completely fascinating!

The Pokemon Phenomenon

And the Pokemon craze is another example of instincts and technology meshing together. The social element, the hunter-gatherer element, of basic human desire is wrapped into a silly little augmented reality screen on your phone, and hundreds of millions of people went crazy for it. This was an idea like to other, to tap into the human psyche and see what happened.

Upcoming V/R Trends

New virtual reality technology is tapping into human instinct as well these days. Some of the early releases are specifically dealing with the adult industry, which shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but apparently makes for very interesting experiences for people who aren’t totally sure what to expect when the strap the glasses on and hit play.

The Runner’s High

And how about the runner’s high? Once again, back in caveman days when men hunted by running their prey down, evolution played a big part in getting the adrenaline flowing in people. Nowadays, you can use fitness sensors to make that process more efficient! Suddenly that runner’s high is much more analytically approachable.

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