Exclusive: UCLD3 ICS Leak for the AT&T Galaxy Note

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Recall the original SGH-I717 Ice Cream Sandwich leak? It was chock full of bugs and force closes. Fortunately, we grabbed a new Android 4.0.3 update for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note. The previously leak was version UCLC5. The following build is UCLD3. This is a major bug fix build, so there are no new features. Those who are testing this build out say it’s smoother than ever, although Instagram still doesn’t work. Without further ado, ¬†use the guide below to flash the new leak onto your SGH-I717.

How to: Install IML74K.UCLD3 for SGH-I717

Warning: This will wipe your data entirely. BriefMobile is not liable for your actions. This is for the SGH-I717 only!

  1. Download SGH-I717UCLD3-1FB30D08F1D2B2AAAECF49D262E8E707.exe: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
  2. Install the Galaxy Note drivers
  3. Run the “SGH-I717UCLD3-1FB30D08F1D2B2AAAECF49D262E8E707.exe” on a Windows PC
  4. Power off the Galaxy Note
  5. Put the Galaxy Note into “Download Mode” by holding both Volume Down and the Power Button
  6. Connect the Galaxy Note to your computer. Ensure Odin recognizes it. You should see “0:[COM#]” fill in the first box.
  7. Click “Start”
  8. After it is finished, the Galaxy Note will reboot and it will be running Android 4.0.3 IML74K.UCLD3. Congratulations!

Thanks to our anonymous source!

28 responses to “Exclusive: UCLD3 ICS Leak for the AT&T Galaxy Note”

  1. auslander says:

    Anyone know if this will wipe the internal SD like the first leak did?

    Nice work to all those involved!

  2. Micheal W LaiMayer says:

    And just like the other UCL leaked rom you can’t install it on a CANADIAN i717 (from Bell, Telus or Rogers). Seems only the NoteWorthy ROMS will install on Canadian devices.

    • Mike says:

      How does is not install on Canadian versions? If they are rooted and both I717 models…shouldn’t the ROM work on both devices both At&t & those north of the 49?
      Am still newish as flashing ROMs so bare with me here.

      • Mike says:

        The Canadian devices have a different ROM setup than the AT&T device. The AT&T is still a 1.4 Mhz as the Canadian devices are 1.6 Mhz. For some reason the builds that are .exe (include ODIN and the ROM) will not install on rooted Cdn Notes. If someone would be so kind to change it to a .ZIP so we can use CMW. Otherwise it is Noteworthy 4.0.3 Beta (which works like a charm).

  3. JB DelGadillo says:

    What are Mirror2 and 3 for??? Do we download and Odin all 3 ??? Anybody???

  4. Kevin says:

    is this rooted?

  5. kevin says:

    this rom works perfect, only issue I have is, my camera flash doesnt work now. Does anyone else have this issue or now a fix or why?

  6. Huzzl3r says:

    Hey guys, i would like to try this on my 2 month old G Note.
    My questions:
    – do i have to be rooted so install this?
    – if ATT releases the official ICS Rom, would i be able to update to it?
    – what if i did not like it, can i go back to my default Android 2.3 ROM?


    • lextasy69 says:

      loaded on my g note yesterday after trying few other rom, this one works great!

    • Shariff Sml says:

      even i have same question,
      f ATT releases the official ICS Rom, would i be able to update to it?

    • tamo says:

      Hi.. I have same exact these questions.. can anyone please answer….

    • hybernation says:

      –You do not have to be rooted to install, in fact if you are, you will loose it (since this is a full flash of all memory)
      –I believe you will have to restore back to stock 2.3 before you will be able to apply the official ICS when it comes out (see below)
      –Looked pretty eash to get back to stock 2.3…see this link: http://rootgalaxynote.com/galaxy-note-i717/how-to-unrootunbrick-att-galaxy-note-sgh-i717-android-2-3-6/
      I’m about to try the above myself. This build was “good” but several key apps freeze up, including contacts, messages (IM) and email (the built in one). Facebook also freezes up sometimes. I’ve had to restart my phone probably 10 times in the two days I have had this installed. I’ll wait for them to get the bugs out

  7. ROM works great….Thanks

  8. Ivex says:

    How to install T-mobile SGH-T989 VKL1 modem?

  9. brightwood says:

    How long did it take for the update to finish, I am into it for a half hour now??

    • Danny says:

      It shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes, tops. If it’s taking a half hour, your connection is screwed up. If you’re running Windows 7, try running Odin as administrator. To do that, right click on the Odin icon, and select “run as administrator. Also, make sure you put the phone in download mode by pressing and holding power+ volume down. Once download mode initiates on your phone, press the volume up key, and you should be able to update your phone.

  10. fiction_less says:

    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0) is the message displayed in oden 40 mins in and no reboot yet. how long is it supposed to take? anyone else having this problem?

  11. Steveoh! says:

    MAKE SURE YO BACKUP ALL PICS, etc. FIRST!! Just lost all my pics n stuff… blah!

    • Steveoh says:

      Although I am more so excited to try this bad boy out! ;)

    • Danny says:

      That’s probably because your pics and data was stored on the internal storage. I always set the default storage on my camera to memory card. By default, its set to internal memory.

  12. jeff says:

    skidish, wait for the real deal or get the objection ics its ok