Exclusive: Android 4.0.4 IMM76D Leak for Nexus S 4G

This is not an April Fools joke

With rumored dates for the Nexus S 4G Android 4.0 update on the horizon, the official stock image files have finally surfaced. Thanks to a source, we were leaked the files with exclusive access. Our leak contains the whole shabang: an updated signed_radio.img, boot.img, bootloader.img, recovery.img, system.img, and userdata.img. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the full official IMM76D ICS ROM coming to the Nexus S 4G OTA very soon.

An official release date for ICS has yet to be announced for the Nexus S 4G. But, its sibling, the GSM Nexus S, received its update two days ago. The last still officially supported Nexus device to not receive an update to Android 4.0 is Sprint’s Nexus S 4G. Of course, this is due to the WiMax support needed in the update. But there’s no need to wait any longer. The guide to install the full update is below.

How to: Install ICS IMM76D for Nexus S 4G

Warning: This will wipe your data entirely. BriefMobile is not liable for your actions. This has been fully tested and is working.

  1. Download and unzip IMM76Drelease-keys.zip: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
  2. Install the NS4G drivers
  3. Download and extract Odin3_v1.87.zip
  4. Open “Odin3_v1.87.exe”
  5. Power off the Nexus S 4G
  6. Put the Nexus S 4G into “Download Mode” by holding both Volume Up+Down then simply press the Power Button
  7. Connect the Nexus S 4G to your computer. Ensure Odin recognizes it. You should see “0:[COM#]” fill in the first box.
  8. Click “BOOTLOADER” and select “SPH-D720_IMM76D_KE1_BOOTLOAD_signed.tar”
  9. Click “PDA” and select “SPH-D720_IMM76D_PDA_signed.tar”
  10. Click “PHONE” and select “SPH-D720_IMM76D_LC1_Modem_signed.tar”
  11. (Optional) To lock the bootloader, check the box next to “Flash Lock” in Odin
  12. Click “Start”
  13. After it is finished, the NS4G will reboot and it will be running Android 4.0.4 IMM76D. Congratulations!

So after you finish updating your devices, let us know how is it? Is it as good as anticipated? Any noticeable bugs looming in the update? Was it really worth the wait?

Update: This build was made official by Sprint. So if you installed this build onto your Nexus S 4G, you will be eligible to install all future OTA updates.

228 thoughts on “Exclusive: Android 4.0.4 IMM76D Leak for Nexus S 4G

      1. My internal USB storage (SD equivalent) was completely wiped. Good thing I backed it all up just in case.

  1. So do you have to be rooted for this update? I’ve had Android since the G1 and I’ve never rooted one of my devices mostly because of incomplete instructions.

    1.  I second this.  Can you update the instructions with more details.  I’m confused as to where to download what.

  2. You guys deserve it! Welcome to the ICS party! Trust me, your life will never be the same. This is their best OS version ever.

    Galaxy Nexus user

  3. Wish I could install this for you guys. Odin is by far one of the easiest methods to push ROMS to your device. In a day or so developers will have a flashable zip if you’re already rooted with a custom recovery so wait if you’re afraid to use Odin.

  4. I’m very inexperienced in doing this, so this may be a dumb question.  Are these the complete set of steps?  I read somewhere else that before using ODIN, I will need to unlock the bootloader.  Is this true?  How is this done?  I have a stock un-rooted phone.

      1. Yeah I had the bootloader option screen appear as download mode, but it worked fine with the install. I don’t recall unlocking it but perhaps Odin did it like you said it sometimes will (in reply to joe).

  5. Any suggestions on odin not recognizing phone coming up with 
    “FASTBOOT STATUS – FAILInvalid Command

  6. i did it an i have ICS 4.0.4 but when i reboot my phone it shows the “google” on the screen and then a “lock” icon at the bottom? does this mean Im rooted now? will i also get all the new updates for ICS apps?

      1. im getting the same thing and i think because of it it wont let me update google wallet. all i get is errors. Was stock prior to doing anything so i never had a lock on my screen during boot

        1. I’ve heard that Odin might unlock the bootloader when used. To relock your bootloader: power off your device, hold volume up and power, plug in device, open cmd and cd to where fastboot is located, type in “fastboot oem lock” then restart your device

      2. I did the leak of Imm26 how would I apply it with that because I don’t want to lose all my data and odin never works for me

  7. im turning it on like you say but then it just turns on normally and odin doesnt recognize it, help?

      1.  Followed the instructions to a T, and worked flawlessly.  Drivers take a while to install.  That was the most painstaking part of the process.  Everything else installed in an instant.  Even loading the ROM was quicker than I expected.  Great job!!!

      2. Change the instructions to: “turn nexus s off”, “hold down both Volume rocker buttons (up and down)”, after drivers have installed plug in USB cable with both rockers held. Instant download mode.

  8. Worked perfect first try — so far nothing obvious not working. 4G worked instantly after turning it on in the settings menu. Contacts and Google Account resynced right away as well. PDANet was required to get the phone to show up in Odin but knew that already from when I rooted it the first time.  Thanks!

      1. Im trying everything. I cant get Odin to recognize it. After resetting my phone and unrooting it, and it still not seeing it, something might have happened because the computer once said driver failed to load one time i plugged it in after clearing out my entire phone. Sometimes I think my computer remembers the driver never worked so it never tries get the driver to work. Is there a way i can make my computer forget I’ve ever plugged in my phone? is that my problem? I hate windows so much please make this work for mac. :)

  9. I loaded IMM76D to my sprint nexus s 4g phone.  Now I can NOT load any apps and install them except those that come with the ROM??????  Is there anything  in the system I should turn on or off to install apps.  By the way is this ROM rooted?  Thanks

  10. if i have a rooted phone can i just flash the zip file or do i still need to follow your instructions

  11. Very simple install! 
    Everything seems to work great and I did not lose any contacts. I manually backed up music, pics and vids. 
    So far, so good. 

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have never rooted a phone, unlocked boat-loader, customer ROM or anything else of that sort.

    I just went through the process as you described in this tutorial and it worked like a charm.

    I have one question: If Sprint rolls out the official update OTA in the next few days or week, will I be able to get back on the regular update cycle?

    If not, can I use this one-click stock http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1167819 tutorial to get back to the official 2.3.x releases then make the jump?

      1. Korey — Thanks for a quick reply.

        Do you by any chance have a better solution or suggestion in mind that is easy? I just want to be able to go back in case I need to take this into a store or get back on the OTA release cycles.

        Thanks again.

        1. Well, my source has ensured me this will be the final build and going OTA soon. You shouldn’t have to worry at all. If you must revert (which I doubt you will want to after using this) shoot me an email. My info is on the “Author” page

          1. The drivers won’t install (it says I already have them installed).  Anyways…I am just going to wait for the OTA update.  Did your source let you know whether it would be days…weeks…a month?

  13. As DroidAndMe has asked, if I use this image, and Sprint does release the official OTA update, will I able to download it OTA and return back to the normal update cycle without having to do anything extra? I’m good with this stuff but I’d prefer as little work as possible to return it to regular updates. Thanks!

    1. You should be able to accomplish this on mac (or Linux) using fastboot.  Just untar everything, and you should be able to flash each partition individually.

      eg “fastboot flash radio signed_radio.img” “fastboot flash system system.img” etc

  14. Well I too am now running ICS after a very long wait. Thanks for the files and instructions! I was tempted to install the IMM26 leak a while ago, but I’m glad I held out as this one seems very polished and even includes the new “Google Play” stuff which only rolled out a few weeks ago to the masses. The install worked fine with the instructions above, but I will point out that my “download mode” screen appeared as an unlock bootloader screen. I didn’t click on any screen options and just let Odin take over and it worked fine. Now my bootloader seems to be unlocked as it shows the lock icon on startup, but that’s not a big deal really, and I’m sure I can disable it later if I feel like it.

    Be sure to back up your USB storage (SD card equivalent) files as the update totally wiped all of my data (music/photos/files/etc). I of course copied everything to my PC moments before the update so I’m covered. 

    I was pleasantly surprised to see my old apps automatically get downloaded (most of them, at least). It even kept my old wallpaper and remembered my Wifi settings, which was great. I guess that’s why I enabled that sync option forever ago… nice to see it actually work.  :)

    I’m curious how the OTA update is going to work… will it wipe everyone’s internal USB storage data like this one did? I’ve always suspected the major delay in the OTA was that Sprint was working on a way to update the OS without losing all of the user’s data, which would result in thousands of people flooding their stores for tech support. I wonder if this is even possible with this update? 

    Oh, and if you’re a SwiftKey X user like me with over a year’s worth of a customized prediction dictionary, then you can restore your predictions database by doing the following: (1) First backup your “sdcardAndroiddatacom.touchtype.swiftkey” directory BEFORE installing the ICS update (it wipes all your data). (2) After you install the ICS update, copy the backed up “com.touchtype.swiftkey” folder back into your new “sdcardAndroiddata” directory BEFORE you reinstall SwiftKey. My old apps were automatically redownloaded, including SwiftKey, so I had to uninstall it before moving the files back over or it wouldn’t recognize them. (3) Reinstall SwiftKey X with the old folder/files in place, and it should pick them up and import your old predictions database. It looks like it loses your old usage stats, but I’d rather lose those than have to retrain the app all over again.

    1. This ROM shouldn’t have wiped your internal SD storage, though the OTA will probably wipe data because gingerbread and ICS data do not play nice with each other

      And yes, you can easily relock your bootloader. From what I’ve been told that if you use Odin at all on the Nexus devices it will unlock the bootloader no matter what

          1. Hey Korey, I flashed this before “flash lock” was available. I see where I can refresh, but I suppose it’s not necessary? Will I still receive OTA updates for future releases?

          2. Thanks. I don’t really know how to do that, but as long as I’m still going to receive future ota updates, I suppose there isn’t a reason to worry about it, right?

      1. My internal SD storage was definitely wiped, though. In all honesty I really don’t mind as it was due for a housecleaning anyway. And since I went from gingerbread to ICS it probably needed the old data gone anyway.

        Upon looking at the above instructions again, I either completely skipped the optional step 11 (about checking “Flash Lock” to lock the bootloader), or it was added it in later. Still no worries from me.

  15. I love my phone again!  i had installed a codenameDroid and was having some serious lag and signal issues (with 3g, 4g, and wifi) this stopped me from downgrading! 

  16. I’ve noticed something different in the radio signal symbol, now if Im in a bad area with not a strong signal, (Im assuming this is why..) I get the 1X at the top instead of 3G or 4G, Ive never seen that on this phone before, If I remember correctly ‘1X” is the phone symbol, not the internet connection symbol…(I could be wrong) anyone else notice this? by the way, this install per the instructions above, did wipe out my internal memory FYI, i know it didn’t for some but it did for me. Also theres a feature on the Odin terminal that says “flash lock” and if you click on this and then go through the steps of installing the drives, it will lock the bootloader…I figured this out on my since Im such a techy guy :p 

    1. There are 3 levels of data service from Sprint. 1XRTT is the first and slowest (basically data sent over CDMA), 3G was the next (EVDO) and 4G is the fastest (WiMAX). Most of the Samsung Phones didn’t tell you when they were switching from EVDO to 1XRTT, so it’s actually a good thing. Now you’ll know when you are either outside the 3G support (out in the country) or getting a bad signal where the phone has to switch down to the lower quality data service.

      1. thats right, i forgot about this cause the last phone that I remember displaying 1X was an old window mobile phone. Im assuming the EVDO is Rev A….I cant remember. thanks for the info, looks like Im in a bad reception area then cause I saw 4G for a couple of minutes before it reverted back to 3G and 1X

  17. Korey.  Thanks for this update.  My Nexus 4g was a terrible phone and had a lot on connectivity issues.  Your instructions were clean, concise, and everything worked perfectly.  Many thanks to you and your source on delivering this long awaited release.  

  18. A note for the interested. Doing this process through a USB chain did NOT work in my case. I have a Dell 24″ LCD with a USB hub on it that links up to the PC, and usually my phone is plugged in through the monitor for charging. I had to plug the phone DIRECTLY into the desktop for this update to work.

  19. Worked perfectly and the directions were even simpler. Took about 5 minutes. Everything works and I have seen a major boost in connectivity. Issues of sleeping data and loss of connection seem to have been erased. Its a shame that Google is still taking their sweet time on their rollout.

  20. soooo hmmm i must be the stupidist one in here. i cant get odin to recognize my phone….. i need help!!!

  21. Hey Korey, I notice some people were having issues getting it into “download mode” well i ran into this issue myself, and I notice I read the instructions like this: you power off the phone, and while completely shut off, you hold both up and down volume buttons, and at the same time you press the power button and Odin should recognize it, however this is not the case, well for me it wasn’t, all it did was turn the phone on and loaded as normal. However what i did instead is I powered down the phone, I held the up and down volume buttons, and then I just plugged in the USB cable to my NS4G, I didn’t let go of the buttons and the phone automatically turned on into download mode and Odin recognized it in a couple of seconds, I didn’t even touch the power button, this worked for me. let me know if this is correct to your knowledge.

  22. I cannot get the phone to go into download mode. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks

    1.  use both fingers to hold down vol up+down and just tap the power button don’t hold it down to long.

  23. Im trying to install it but how do i get passed the unlock bootloader screen? theres no options and im trying to press the power button and nothing comes up. 

    1. You dont once you get to the boot loader screen just plug it into the pc via usb and follow instructions

  24. Okay I’m sort of embarrassed but i don’t even know how to do step one. Where/how do I find  
     IMM76Drelease-keys.zip? Do I download Mirror 1, 2, & 3? When I hit that link on my phones browser it just goes to  JumboFiles site. Seriously, I’m way amateur when it comes to this stuff. 

  25. Just installed and its working so nice! I’m officially in love with Android. Just one question. Before my phone powers on to the main menu, it will show the Google sign with a lock symbol under it, what does that mean?

      1.  from what I have gathered that means the bootloader is unlocked. Korey added step 11 today and that should lock the bootloader after update. I have not tried this yet but am thinking about doing the process over again to verify.

  26. Is their a Mac way to install this on the Android?

    I tried using heimdall-frontend but it states that it is missing an xml file when I try to upload it.

  27. sooo i downloaded both the files for the firmware and the software and they both show up as itunes media player files.. what should i do?

  28. I updated this afternoon and everything seems to be working fine, but my battery feels hotter than it normally should be. Is anyone else having this issue? 

  29. I’m getting a Fastboot status-Failinvalid command, odin is not recognizing phone…any help would be appreciated.

  30. Can someone please help….my NS4G in download mode has a “Fastboot status-Failinvalid”…is there anything I can do to get rid of this problem, or do i just need to wait for the official OTA?

      1. Korey thanks for responding…I tried that before and to no avail…any other suggestions, would really love to have ICS running…thanks

  31. Korey, after update I cannot download apps from Google play market. It said download error (-101).

    Sprint NS4G unlocked version. Indonesia.

    Thx for helping

  32. First off thanks to Korey for the wonderful and much needed update. I’ve noticed that some of you have connection problems between the phone and PC, specifically Odin won’t recognize the phone even thought you have Samsung drivers installed. My simple solution is to change the USB cord you’re using I’ve got 3 that 1 tried before 1 worked. Just to make sure it wasn’t me I connected the phone to 2 other laptops with the 2 bad cords with the same result Odin didn’t recognize it and I used the 1 good cord and it worked. Not sure why this is. So hope this works for you guys too.

  33. Korey, Thanks for the update. I have used several ICS ROMS with no luck until this update arrived, the phone seems to respond better, connect better, still has some kinks but I am sure the next one will correct those problems.

  34. Korey thanks for responding…I tried that before and to no avail…any other suggestions, would really love to have ICS running…thanks.

  35. I updated last night. The update went without any hiccups. Performance has been noticeably improved. I think the delay was to insure they get the update right.



        1. do you know how to make changes to home screen or notification bar. it seems like it is missing something or i just cant figure it out

  36. I did it and it works but when I go to settings I dont see interface options, so I cant change my homescreen options. Also no battery indicator percentage, at least not that I can see. Phone does work well so far.

  37. I have Android version 4.0.4, Baseband version D720SPRKL2, Kernel Version 3.0.8-gd373d58 android-build@apa28 #1, Build Number IMM26…should I bother to update to this version? And will my phone notify me of the OTA version that you supplied here?

  38. how do i get the TAR. file out of the winrar file i can only see and image file

    do i just select the winrar file????

    help kind fo new at this

    1.  Just unzip the IMM76Drelease-keys.zip file and follow directions. The tar files will be opened during flash you don’t need to extract them. Hope this helps

  39. Hello Korey,
    Thank you for the install and your time but I dont seem to have access to editing my homescreen or notification bar or enable quiet time. Also does it matter if I lock my bootloader. I did not do it and I will reflash but does it matter?

  40. Now say this isn’t the official release and you aren’t able to receive any OTA updates, any new updates will be flashable like this? or How can you go back to stock to receive OTA’s

    1.  From what I have seen on xda developer forms you can reflash your phone to original then just do the ota when it is available.

  41. Can someone please help me? I followed the instructions to a t but didn’t realize my phone needed to be rooted. I did that so now when I try to put it in download mode I don’t think anything happens as it boots normally though I do have the lock that is not locked on bootup. I feel like I’m just a little behind the curve and would appreciate anyone’s insight to get me over this hump. Thanks in advance.

    1.  First to put the phone in download mode hold down volume up and down with two fingers then tap (only hold down the power button for 1/2 sec) this will put the phone in download mode. then follow directions

      1. Thank you Branden so much. If I want to lock my bootloader again will doing a factory reset on the phone with Gingerbread on it as it is now do that or will I have to run a script like I did to unlock it? Thanks again for your guidance.

  42. Just an update all is good with this update. My nexus s 4g is faster and running smoother than ever thank you again Korey!!! I have not seen any bugs as of yet I will keep you posted.

  43. How much time does the whole process supposed to take ? my phone now stuck on the download mode with this red phrase ” VERIFY IMAGE ( IPBL ) … SUCCESS “, Odin also stuck and thers is no change for 20 minutes. Is that normal or there is something wrong?


  44. Just wanted to say thanks very, very much for the clear instructions on how to do this.  I finally decided to take the plunge last night, and it worked perfectly.  

  45. Now that im on this rom will i still be able to recieve official OTA updates without having to go back to 2.3.7?

  46. So…Odin has been at the ” system.img” step for about 50 minutes now. Is it supposed to take this long? Here’s the message history:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Send lock information..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Edit: 10 minutes later:

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Not really sure what to do next.

    Edit2: Reinstalled USB drivers, popped out the battery and tried again. This time there’s a new Downloader icon (Droid in a hazard triangle)…Failed again.

    I’m going to turn everything off and try again.

    Edit3: 5 hours later, it’s still on bootloader.img.
    Edit 4: Haha. When I try to boot regularly, it just shows the unlocked bootloader icon and repeats indefinitely. Also, I can’t boot into recovery. If this wasn’t my primary phone, this would be kinda fun…

    1. Alright guys, I could really use some help here. As I understand it, I can only use tar files with odin becuase I have no OS on my phone. Booting to recovery doesn’t work. I’m having zero luck with the IMM76D files so just about any other TARs would be better than nothing. Every time I try and find one, it’s either for the T-mobile version, or the download link is dead. I don’t think I can fastboot, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Any suggestions?


  47. Maybe its just where I live or idk but I still feel like my 3G & 4G signals are the same as to when I was on Gingerbread .__. Was this update suppose to enhance the signals or the phone? Help.

  48. It ran very smooth but there are less options and the camera is not as good. I switched back to gingerbread. I am comparing it to the ics version from cm9 off my epic 4g.

      1. I just want to clarify. So this version that I flashed through Odin is ‘the’ official update? So for future updates I will still get OTA updates.
        I’m just bummed since I’ve been getting poor battery life. After using for a few days now I think it is getting better but I’m hoping it isn’t a persistant problem.

      2. I just dont understand why there would be less options on this release. Like I said the phone ran great but it was just a bit different than what I am familiar with. I do appreciate your effort and I did not mean anything by it.

  49. Hey man quick question. Someone who said he recieved the OTA said his baseband version was D720SPRKH1 which is different from the leak. Does this make a difference because my battery is going fast on this ics build., and i just wanted to know. D720SPRLC1 is the leaked version baseband.

  50. I’m getting to the recognition stage with Odin and it’s not recognizing my Nexus s 4g. I have the NS4G drivers installed but it’s not auto detecting them and I don’t know which one to point it to manually? Could you please help :) I’d love to finally have ICS

  51. Ok the official update has come out do i have to go back to gingerbread to get the official update pushed to my phone

  52. AWESOME!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! It went through like a charm, At first I was uneasy about it because I didn’t want to brick my phone if I did something wrong. Now I don’t have to impatiently wait for the stupid OTA that’s taking forever! 

      1. I haven’t seen this addressed anywhere. My NS with 2.3.7 is rooted. Will installing this leaked ICS (or the OTA when it’s pushed) unroot it? If so, will I be able to root it again using the same method I previously used?

          1.  Thanks Korey. One more question. Will a rooted NS4G with 2.3.7 receive the notification for the OTA update, or will only unrooted devices get it?

  53. Where can i find the update on my phone?
    The update showed up on my phone for one day and the next it disappeared
    would i have to do it manually?

  54. Odin is not recognizing my NS4G. I did perform the IMM26 upgrade and now wanted to upgrade to IMM76D. Is there something I have to do before I can use Odin?

  55. I installed this leak wen it first came out and still have not recieved the ota shoulod i be worried?

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