Entering The Digital Sphere: Tech Strategies For After Rehab

Filed under Research by Adam Torkildson on January 20, 2016 at 8:46 AM

Even though technology can play a valuable role in healing from addiction or alcoholism, most rehab programs insist that those attending leave all technology behind. In a fast paced culture like ours, that can make for a difficult transition back into daily life. Luckily, appropriate use of technology can actually improve your chances of successful recovery. Here are X ways that technology can enhance your post-rehab life without hindering your recovery.


Set Limits


Rehab was like a big technology vacation, encouraging you reconnect with the human element. Extend this vacation by creating technology use limits. Picking up your phone to do something mindless can prevent you from engaging with your feelings and seeking positive outlets such as talking to a support person. Setting limits can also help you make the transition from rehab more smoothly, erasing the big technological divide between the two worlds.


Block Bad Connections


Reentry after time in rehab can be deeply challenging, especially when craving strikes. If you can’t get to a recovery meeting immediately or you’re having trouble reaching the support people in your life, you may find yourself scrolling your phone contacts for an old supplier or friend from your pre-rehab days. This can put your recovery at risk.


One convenient tool available to available to smartphone users is the block capability. Use it to block the numbers of of people who might try to draw you away from your new sober life. You want to not only resist the urge to call them yourself, as well as keep yourself from being caught off guard by a phone call encouraging you to give in to temptation.


Use Recovery Apps


While you could use your phone to scout out new drug sources or a bar where no one will know you, filling your phone will recovery oriented apps can help you resist the temptation. AA and NA have developed several apps including a digitally accessible AA Big Book as well as AA and NA Speakers To Go apps that allow you to access conference talks no matter where you are. When the positive alternative is right at hand, you’ll be less likely to give in.


Keep Tabs On Your Moods


As a culture we’ve become very divorced from our emotions. Use your phone to maintain a high level of mindfulness by performing regular mood check ins with a mental health app like Optimism. If you know what you’re feeling, you’ll be better equipped to respond by noting mood improving activities or by seeking support.


Life Outside The Bubble


Rehab is it’s own little bubble, but recovering from addiction or alcoholism requires being able to engage outside that bubble. This is why it’s important that you use the technology available to you again to build new interpersonal relationships and tune in to the emotional issues that rehab put at the center of your life. Technology doesn’t have to divide you from the world. Use correctly, you can use it to foster new healthy relationships.

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