Droid Bionic Receives Fastboot Recovery Files

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RSD Lite 5.5

RSD Lite 5.5

Interested in developing a couple of custom ROMs for Motorola’s latest and greatest on Verizon? Want to play around with the root-access-only files? We’ve got your back. This Fastboot XML zip package could potentially assist bricked users with recovery back to the stock state. Motorola’s created a new file format for recovery that allows Bionic users to recover from a case of messed up software. Like a system boot file from Motorola, the package can be flashed using the latest version of RSD Lite. The program reads an XML input, then one-by-one flashes the included images to the device using Fastboot.

We’ve included the tentative flashing instructions below for your use, but we do not recommend flashing your device. BriefMobile cannot be held responsible for bricked hardware, ruined software, or any other harmful effects. Flash at your own risk.

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How To: Flash Droid Bionic FXZ File (with RSD Lite)



  1. Install the Motorola Mobile Drivers
  2. Install RSD Lite 5.5
  3. Make sure your Motorola Droid Bionic is powered on and backed up.
    • Alternatively, boot into AP Fastboot mode by powering down (or pulling battery), then press and hold the volume down button while powering on. From there, continue with Step 4.
  4. Plug your Motorola Droid Bionic into a back USB port on your computer.
    • Front USB ports are often unreliable when it comes to power levels. They should not be used for flashing.
  5. Run “RSD Lite” on your computer
  6. Press the “. . .” button next to the box labeled “Filename”
  7. Browse and open the FXZ file
  8. Wait for the program to read the file, then choose “Uncompress And Start Flashing”
  9. Now, the device will slowly flash the FXZ file.
  10. When flashing completes, the device will reboot into recovery and install the two radio images.
  11. Congratulations! You’ve restored your Motorola Droid Bionic.

How To: Flash Droid Bionic with Fastboot

If you do not wish to flash the FXZ file in RSD Lite, you can use Motorola’s Fastboot binary to flash the device’s system partition and kernel.



  1. Install drivers
  2. Boot your Droid Bionic into AP Fastboot mode
    • Power off the device (by battery pull if necessary)
    • While powering up the device, hold the Volume Down button until the screen says “AP Fastboot”
  3. Open a terminal window on your computer.
  4. Extract the fastboot-images.zip and fastboot binary to the same folder.
  5. Change directory “cd” to this folder within the terminal
  6. Issue the following commands:
    • Linux
      • sudo ./fastboot flash boot boot.img
      • sudo ./fastboot flash system system.img
      • sudo ./fastboot -w
      • sudo ./fastboot reboot
    • Mac
      • ./fastboot-mac flash boot boot.img
      • ./fastboot-mac flash system system.img
      • ./fastboot-mac -w
      • ./fastboot-mac reboot
    • Windows
      • fastboot flash boot boot.img
      • fastboot flash system system.img
      • fastboot -w
      • fastboot reboot
  7. Congratulations! You’ve restored your Motorola Droid Bionic.

49 responses to “Droid Bionic Receives Fastboot Recovery Files”

  1. tehsusenoh says:

    Is this basically the same thing as an SBF?

  2. Adlx says:

    FXZ, new file format … new RSD Lite & preversion of Drivers, interesting post! :-D

  3. Droosh says:

    How is this different than sbf? Is it faster?

    • It’s not much different. This is more transparent and customizable. It uses fastboot to individually, but automatically, flash several images to the device. These images are stock images from Motorola/VZW.

  4. Carlz28 says:

    Anybody having an issue installing RSD 5.5? I keep getting a warning saying the installer didnt finish properly..error code 2378 I believe. Says there’s a problem with the package. I redownloaded and tried again. Same result. W7x64

  5. Eddie C says:

    I didn’t realize there were power differences in usb ports on a computer. what about a laptop? How can I tell which port to use?

    • On a laptop, you shouldn’t worry about this. On a desktop computer, front ports are often given less power than those directly attached to the motherboard (on the back).

      • Frustrated! says:

        Win7 x64
        RSD Lite 5.5

        Flash Failed.  I can not get my device to boot AT ALL now.  PLEASE ASSIST.
        I followed directions to a T.  Screen is just black and says the following:
        AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) (Flash Failure)

        Battery: OK
        OK to Program
        Connect to USB *i just unplugged it*
        Data Cable

        Please assist.. the whole reason I did this was because the gui based “reset to factory defaults” hung for over 3 hours today trying to reset phone after I installed some 3rd party apks’ that really slowed and bogged me down.  I was going to restart with this then try out rooting my Bionic

  6. Fauguy says:

    I tried went to try this on my Bionic with the Complete FXZ and after RSD Lite 5.5 extracted the files and started to flash, it got to step 9/15 and said the Flash had failed. I tried it a few more times, and got the same result. I had to then place the phone into the AP Flashboot mode and then installed the smaller Minimal FXZ, which worked.

  7. Tsr980 says:

    I was trying to restore my bionic using the fast boot method as quoted below and it im stuck at the “waiting for device” after pushing the file InstallationInstall driversBoot your Droid Bionic into AP Fastboot modePower off the device (by battery pull if necessary)While powering up the device, hold the Volume Down button until the screen says “AP Fastboot”Open a terminal window on your computer.Extract the fastboot-images.zip and fastboot binary to the same folder.Change directory “cd” to this folder within the terminalIssue the following commands:fastboot flash boot boot.img AND THEN IM STUCK WAITING FOR DEVICE

  8. Dcmarch202 says:

    I have downloaded the FXZ file but when I try to get RSD Lite to look for the file it won’t read it because it is not a zip file it is a tar.gz file am I doing something wrong.

  9. David says:

    So i have tried both through ADB and through RSD lite, I still cant get it to work successfully. My problem is the grsf.img it keeps telling me that it is too large for what the phone expects. Any help?

  10. mng777777 says:

    do you know if it wipes the internal (sdcard) storage when you perform this fastboot recovery?

  11. Casey says:

    Mac here, once typing in the first command, I get a “permission denied” message. Any ideas?

  12. TechnoHippie says:

    Hey this worked for me – went from a brick back to a working droid bionic!  

  13. MaddHatterr says:

    great write up fellas. was a lot of help after i got a little carried away and did not read instructions properly lol. worked fast and easy. as noted, RSD Lite does not find a zip file, but your ARE looking for the tar file. it is just another format for zips for those not familiar with them. so the FXZ file is blahblahblah.tar.gz.

    thanks again for un-bricking my Bionic. kudos

  14. Hunter Harrell says:

    I tried both ways and they said successful but after rebooting I still am bootlooping and do not have the stock boot animation. can anyone help?

  15. JD McAllister says:

    Thank you so much everyone.  I am pretty darn experienced when it comes to playing around with Droid’s and this time I was stumped.  Bionic was bricked and I could”t get out of it with any other method outside of yours.  How can I donate for your work

  16. Jong54 says:

    Is this also the method to use if your phone is not bricked?  Just want to go back to stock!

  17. Bschleef85 says:

    worked for me thank god!!!!!   
    Fastboot with 
    fastboot flash boot boot.img  faled for me  just go the next step and that did it for me im working. thank you so much.

  18. HVACMan says:

    not working for me i get “failed on 1/15” i have tried everything, even using a different laptop and usb cable, any help would be great,  i NEED my phone for work tommorrow

  19. J_sin_76 says:

    so u left out a crucial step….the file doesnt come a fhz it comes as tar file. tried extracting with 7 zip. didnt work, how to get from tar to fhz?

  20. Jymlooda says:

    Can you do the Verizon update and reboot using this FKZ targa build? I want the update but can’t without flashing back to stock since I’ve removed lots of bloat while rooted and even unrooting I can’t do the update.

  21. Snowboardman24 says:

    i run rsd light and it fails at 4/5 and fails please help i need my phone

  22. Swish007 says:

    link is dead.. anyone know where i can get this?

  23. cjbailey4 says:

    so if my droid had been flashed to another carrier, such as metro pcs or cricket. would this over write the prl file and restore all the setting to Verizon?

  24. beliver says:

    The Site holding the files was hacked , any other place to get the files ?