Download: Roboto Font from Android 4.0

Android 4.0 "Roboto" Font

Google and Samsung just announced their brand new Galaxy Nexus. Along with it– Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now, developers are pulling back the iron curtain that held those secret new features under wraps for so long. P3Droid from MyDroidWorld just released a package containing the fonts from Android 4.0.

These fonts, announced by Matias Duarte, provide the backbone for a simplistic Android 4.0 user interface. They’re called “Roboto.” Notice the “robot” play there?

Download the fonts after the break!

Click here for download.

21 thoughts on “Download: Roboto Font from Android 4.0

    1. Do you know how many 1000’s of fonts that could be Helvetica ripoffs there are today? Not to mention that there were fonts out before Helvetica that make it look like a rip off itself. What do you think Novell’s lawsuit against Microsoft is about? Yeah about Word Perfect and Microsoft’s ripping off Word Perfect for Office over 20yrs ago. It’s back in court and they just picked a jury! haha…. and in that lawsuit there are fonts that Microsoft used as equivalents to Word Perfects as closer to direct offs of those in Word Perfect itself! lol…

      Microsoft is going to get killed in this case, I hope you know (if it doesn’t get settled first)!!! haha…. It’s an anti-competitive case mainly about Microsoft really NOT trying to help Novell and instead trying to kill them. There’s substantial proof from the Comes vs Microsoft Trial (settled before actually put before the jury) that Microsoft was using dirty tricks back then in the 90’s. Apparently they haven’t changed and these are the same attorneys for Novell that beat out Microsoft by exposing them in SCO vs IBM!

      1. Helvetica is an “evolution” from Grotesk (saw it in the documentary Helvetica).

        Since Helvetica is from the 50′ (and there is no license fees I believe), why Android don’t use it as default instead of copying it and putting another name? Wouldn’t that be better for standards?

      2. MontePythonFan, if you’re referring to Arial vs. Helvetica, that debate had its merits but these typefaces were made 30-50 years ago. A different era, different requirements, different licensing policies (typefaces were hardwired with typesetting technologies and many were not available for a technology other than the original vendor’s). 

        We live in a different world today. 

    1. I got the font from here: which contains a readme which states that the font has the Apache License v2

  1. Looks horribly unfinished.  Misaligned rasterization makes rounded letters flat on the bottom and leave a ‘dot’ on the top.  Line thickness is all over the place.  Reminds me of text in those super-compressed jpegs of spam email.  If I had to read everything on my phone in this font it would drive me batty

  2. > They’re called “Roboto.” Notice the “robot” play there?

    No, I missed that. Too subtle. ;-)

    Never mind Helvetica–is Styx getting any royalties?

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