Download: HTC EVO 3D ICS 1.13 Update

Yesterday was the One X’s day to shine, today is time for the EVO 3D. We got our hands on the first executable RUU file for Android 4.0 for the EVO 3D on Virgin Mobile. We are lead to believe this may be the official ICS build coming OTA in the near future, but it won’t be confirmed until Sprint gives the word. The first ICS leak for the EVO 3D came in a “PG86IMG” form and caused numerous problems for people. This build is a safer flash but most likely contains a new HBOOT and radio, so be sure to already have “S-OFF” before flashing. And as always, this will wipe your data.

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15 thoughts on “Download: HTC EVO 3D ICS 1.13 Update

    1. You have to install the Exe on a PC and connect your Evo 3D to the PC via data cable. Maybe sure you install HTC Sync to get the USB drivers.

      I tried this twice and both times it failed.

  1. Awesome worked fine on my phone and I live in New Zealand and use Vodafone as my carrier, I couldnt believe it actually worked!!! I did use xtc clip to make the phone s-off if that helps? but yes very nice thankyou!!

  2. I see the new file has Sprint in the name. I’m assuming it’s compatible now.

    Anyone try it for the Sprint version yet? Please advise

  3. I was able to flash this virgin mobile leaked rom on my evo 3d with hboot 1.5 unlocked and s-off, everything works perfectly fine, data..wifi, 4g, call, bluetooth, sound, etc.

  4. I was reviewing another site for the error issue and this what was used to resolve it :

    1. Enter FASTBOOT, and then connect to your computer (FASTBOOT USB will be shown)
    2. Open command prompt in your computer
    3. Relock your device by typing “fastboot oem lock” (you should know what is this if you HTC-unlock your phone before), thedevice will reboot.
    4. Enter FASTBOOT again (you will see *** RELOCKED ***)
    5. Apply the RUU
    6. You device will be stocked

    Note: The device must be relocked in order to apply the RUU.

    Hope this helps someone :)

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