Download: AT&T One X Update With WiFi Fix

HTC One X 1.82.502.3 RUU (AT&T)
HTC One X 1.82.502.3 RUU (AT&T)

Remember just five hours ago when we told you HTC was working on a WiFi fix for their next AT&T One X update? Well, we’ve gotten a hold of that update and uploaded it for everyone to use. Download the file below and run the executable to flash it to your HTC One X. This update may contain other bugfixes, so let us know what you find.

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Thanks to our anonymous source!

10 thoughts on “Download: AT&T One X Update With WiFi Fix

  1. Okay. I was thinking it was something you could flash using your phone. I downloaded it to my phone. thanks for your assistance.

  2. Downloading now and flashing…. I to had the horrible WiFi bug, and my WiFi would randomly just disconnect and/or just stop working while the WiFi still showed bars.

    1. Make sure to back EVERYTHING up, as this ROM requires reflashing the entire ROM just to fix the bug. I do hope that this fixes other bugs too, I did also notice a few missed call that I have no idea how I missed since I was right next to my phone when it showed the missed call, and I did check my volume and it was at normal?..

  3. I installed this today. It fixed my WiFi and USB connectivity problems. And yes, as other have noted, wipes out everything.

  4. How do you back up everything on your phone? And does this fix really work? Also, any word on when HTC will have the update available?

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