Download: AT&T HTC One X Stock RUU

Filed under Development by Adam on May 9, 2012 at 7:38 AM
HTC One X Stock RUU (AT&T)

HTC One X Stock RUU (AT&T)

The AT&T version of HTC’s flagship One X may have a locked bootloader (for now). But, at least we’ve got the device fully rooted. That means custom ROMs (minus kernels for now) and modifications will be fully available to AT&T One X’ers. Of course, with root access comes the potential for soft-bricks. Have no fear! We’re releasing the HTC One X STOCK RUU file for the AT&T version so that you can restore a soft-bricked device from any old Windows computer. Just download the RUU executable below and run it to begin. Remember to disable your firewall before installation if you get any errors.

RUU_Evita_UL_Cingular_US-1.73.502.2_2FE6772699D8596307CC997452BB8D25 | Mirror

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2 responses to “Download: AT&T HTC One X Stock RUU”

  1. Huto Huti says:

    Will it work windows 7 64 bits.
    It does not work for me.