Developers Work On Galaxy S I/O Problems

Filed under News by Adam on July 31, 2010 at 11:49 PM
Quadrant Benchmark - Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)

Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S)

Today, Android developers brought phones to new heights seeing some of the highest scores of all time in benchmarking tools like Quadrant. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S in July, benchmarkers have consistently reported very good CPU and GPU scores. But until now, the Samsung-Intrinsity Hummingbird has been unable to fulfill its full potential due to poor system write/read and database write/read speeds.

In fact, this has caused extremely significant stalling and lagging issues for Galaxy S users. There have been various theories flying around as to why the Samsung Galaxy S phones have such poor read-write performance. Some suggest that Samsung’s used bad hardware for the phone’s internal memory. Others say that Samsung may have some tricks up it’s sleeve and that there was some purpose for this type of memory.

Either way, it has been confirmed that moving app data to the external storage can significantly boost phone performance. Some users are reporting double speed and benchmark scores. Developers have pushed the Galaxy S series without Android 2.2 to never before seen scores in the 2000’s range. With a the new Dalvik JIT compiler on Android 2.2, we should see these Galaxy S phones posting 3-4000’s in Quadrant. And, assuming some custom overclock kernels are on their way in the future, we could be seeing the fastest Android phones ever in the Galaxy S series.

Some say the Motorola’s Droid X processor (a Texas Instruments OMAP variant)  is superior to the Samsung-Intrinsity Hummingbird, but it is clear that the Galaxy S phones’ only obstacle in whooping the Droid X is poor read/write performance.  With new fixes available for the T-Mobile Vibrant and international Galaxy S, Hummingbird users are seeing the highest scores ever recorded in Quadrant. The AT&T Captivate has a fix available, but bugs are still being worked out to improve the modified kernels.

Check out this extremely high Quadrant score from a T-Mobile Vibrant user over at XDA-Developers who’s modded his Vibrant with the app data to external SD fix (right).

This is the highest benchmark score I’ve seen to this date. It beats an overclocked, Android 2.2 JIT wielding, Snapdragon-powered Nexus One. It beats the 1700’s scores on the 1.25 GHz overclocked, Android 2.2, OMAP Motorola Droid. And, it beats the stock 2.1 Motorola Droid X scores. We reckon the Galaxy S series will keep the crown for World’s Fastest Android Phone until the Motorola Droid X gets an Android 2.2 update soon. Then, it’ll take back that crown when Samsung releases its own 2.2 Froyo upgrade.

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