Communication Has No Limits Thanks to Mobile Devices

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Communication has come a long way in the last century or so. Modes of engagement started off very limited, as people had no easy way to contact another person over long distances. Town criers used to be a big thing, but the human voice can only travel a distance of about 100 meters.


This limitation lead people into finding other ways to carry out a message. Because of this, the runner was birthed, however it was always best to carry out the message yourself if it was to be spoken because as is the case with the game telephone, the message gets muddled over distance and from person to person.


On to More Advanced Ways


People then moved into writing messages. There is less error this way. Still, sending runners from place to place to deliver even a written message proved to be an ineffective way to get information across long distances.


The history of communication is vast, as each society had their own ways of doing things. Fast forward past smoke signals, whistles, horseback, pigeons, morse code, and the internet. Let’s land on the mobile phone- an invention that has changed the world in about 30 years.


Skip all the basics that everyone already knows because they live in this age. Mobile devices-namely phones, have advanced dramatically in a very short amount of time. Mobile devices have obviously gone through different trends. They used to be the size of a large brick, then it was popular to make them as small as possible, and now we’re creeping back to the almost as large as your face trend, which people seem to like.


Communication Today


Today most communication is done through text message, and the way people can text has grown to include MMS, group messaging and instant messaging, among other things. It’s becoming popular for companies to conduct business through texting, the reason makes sense, as it cuts down on cost and gets a message out to a large amount of people instantly.


It’s a very exciting time to live. Communication breeds growth. Look at world economies once the internet was opened up the the public. Globalization is most everyone’s focus, as it should be in a growing digital world.
There are no limits to communication because of mobile devices. There are apps to help autistic people communicate, you can learn and interact via sign language because of apps. The possibilities to connect don’t end, so download a few new apps today and start talking.

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