Business benefits of Podcasts

Filed under Editorials by Adam Torkildson on May 8, 2017 at 9:33 AM

A podcast is an audio file that has been compressed into a digital format in order to share facts and figures on computers and other electronic devices. Despite the name, a podcast is neither a broadcast nor does it require an iPod. Businesses use podcasts for multiple purposes, from sharing information about new products to enhancing their marketing plans. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating podcasts into your business’s marketing strategy.


Authoritative presence is a major business benefit of using podcasts. Podcasting provides a platform for sharing your expertise within your industry. Through these audio files, you can display your passion and speaking skills, increasing the impact of the information that you are imparting in ways that just aren’t possible using the written word. Regular podcasts with valid information and ideas will help your company to establish an authoritative presence in the business world. Customers always prefer a company that displays complete knowledge ofits industry, and podcasts are an ideal way to build up that trust.

Connect to your audience

Simply reading information on a web page doesn’t allow customers to build a thorough understanding of a company. A strong connection can be made, though, when customers are able to hear the actual voices of a company’s leaders and representatives. The audiences of regular podcasts quickly become familiar with a speaker’s style, and this inspires a sense of trust and loyalty. Podcasting is a more personal wayto approach new and potential customers and give them insights into how a business is runningthan simply making a website available. In addition, audiences have great flexibility when it comes to accessing podcasts; for instance, they can listen while performing other tasks,which is not true of traditional print articles and websites.


Podcasts are very easy to produce, whether you are operating at a commercial location or running a home-based business. All you need is a computer and a microphone to record the audio. It’s a good idea to use a higher-quality microphone, rather than one built into the computer, and specially-designed software in order to produce a professional-sounding podcast. None of these expenses are anywhere near what it can cost to launch a website or run a traditional advertising campaign. This means that podcasts can help your business to reduce its advertising budget while reaching untapped markets.

Brand awareness

technology podcast or educational podcast, if done right, boosts your business in a variety of ways. Consistent, regular podcasts can help to establish a brand, creating loyalty and increasing revenue. Another benefit is that information about a specific aspect of a company’s products and services can be merged into a single podcast; thus, for example, a financial services firm might devote one just to retirement planning.

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