Automated patent iDevice made specially for cars

Filed under Development by Korey Nicholson on September 18, 2013 at 9:10 PM

Apple has been at the forefront of technological innovations, and in its endeavor to dish out something new, Apple recently filed patent for Advanced Automotive access & control system. The application which has been submitted by Apple to the US Patent and Trademark office reveals that future phone6a0120a5580826970c017d3bde52da970c-800wis will have the capability to open car doors, starting, and shutting off your engines, and many more personalized services. This is far ahead of Apple’s current initiative of integrating “Siri” in successful car models for taking forward the “Hands Free Navigation” concept.

Background to the patent: Although the basic patent is based on the Bluetooth technology which enables wireless point-to-point communications between multiple devices; this had to be tweaked to ensure that this process draws low amount of power. This resulted in the birth of Bluetooth LE, which stands for low energy.

iDevice: It is basically a portable device that will initially enable access to the vehicle. This primary device can then pass on the access to other secondary devices like your iPhone or iPad which will then be used to access your vehicle and its operations. What is as yet unsure is whether Apple will permit access using only the secondary access as this may expose the vehicle to a security risk.

Limits on hours of operation: There is an added layer of security when using a secondary access device like iPhone/iPad. Some of the critical operations may be restricted when using secondary access devices and on top of that, even the hours of operations would be restricted.

Personal Car settings: It promises a completely personalized user experience for example the vehicle will automatically adjust settings like seat positions, car temperature, mirror position, and settings for audio/video depending on received vehicle access device.

While as yet it is unknown about how the final product patent will shape up, we bring to you those features which are likely to be incorporated, and they are synchronizing your vehicle GPS with your device, starting and stopping your vehicle engine, activation of a vehicles auto park system, locking and unlocking of vehicle doors, turning on the lights and activation of the vehicles wireless communication system.

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