Atrix 4G Headed for July Gingerbread Update

Atrix 4G Gingerbread Release Date
Atrix 4G Gingerbread Release Date

When we last checked out the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Atrix 4G, we slated it for a late June to July over-the-air release date. Now, it seems that AT&T and Motorola are closing in on a final Gingerbread build for the Atrix that will be available via update some time in July. The July update will be the third over-the-air modification from Motorola and AT&T since the February release of this dual-core superphone.

The update will bring Android 2.3.3 to users on AT&T with a new and improved Motorola Blur skin. Sideloading will be enabled as per AT&T’s new ruling on the issue. Of course, Motorola’s packed some major features into this update including, but not limited to: overscroll glow, application grouping, re-built main applications, downloads management, an improved camera, better power management, a re-done keyboard, and some nifty new animations. The device’s new version of Blur looks a lot like the Droid X’s recently obtained update.

We recently checked out a newer Gingerbread build on the Atrix 4G numbered Build 4.5.47. The smoothness and relative buglessness suggest that a final build is not far from reach. Still, we’re looking at 2.3.3 for the July launch without the added Google Talk video chat capabilities from Android 2.3.4. We imagine Motorola will bring those to the Atrix with a future update in August (or perhaps September).

If you want to check out all of the neatly designed Gingerbread stuff built for the Atrix Gingerbread update, you should travel to our Facebook gallery. Make sure to “like” our page for more exclusive Atrix 4G news and rumors!

Atrix Gingerbread Build 4.5.47
Atrix Gingerbread Build 4.5.47

9 thoughts on “Atrix 4G Headed for July Gingerbread Update

  1. really excited for this, glad you liked it and I definitely can’t wait to get the update on my atrix. 

  2. great, why not just give us the friggin 2.3.4. oh ya that’s right. at&t can’t handle google video. grrrrr

    1. seriously, so lame if it doesn’t. there are rumors that it’s getting 2.3.4 though after all so we can  still hope

  3. Darn, I was under the impression that you guys had believed we would go straight to 2.3.4, but I guess that isn’t the case.  There is a modified apk of the Google Talk that works with 2.3.3 though, right?

  4. PERFECT, thanks for the review, can’t wait for this update!  The fastest phone out just keeps getting faster with an unlocked bootloader and kernel modifications….. 

  5. In the world of engineering, you cannot switch to the latest version of anything unless you want something to break. Everything must be vetted for any and every specific system that update is for. That’s why you see all sorts of devices just now being released with 2.2. Why do you think Duke Nukem took so long to release? They kept switching to the latest and greatest engine available and engineers had to keep relearning commands on each new system.

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