ASUS to Unveil “Metallic Miracle” at MWC 2013? [Video]

Filed under News by Adam on February 20, 2013 at 11:18 AM

ASUS MWC 2013 Teaser

There’s cryptic and then there’s cryptic. ASUS has released a new teaser for MWC 2013 and it has more in common with alien invasions than it does with smartphones and tablets. Called “Ultimate Craftsmanship. Today.,” it invites everyone to “Join ASUS to embrace the metallic miracle.”

The video may not show us much (as if a UFO landing on a church was not an uncommon sight) but the description reveals that “Pad and Phone” will come together on February 25th. This could mean a new PadFone smartphone-tablet hybrid device or theĀ rumoredĀ FonePad 7-inch tablet that could come with voice and data connectivity.

It’s also not clear if ASUS will unveil a single or multiple devices at the event.

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