Apple Sues Samsung Over Phone Designs

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Apple Sues Samsung Over Copied Design

Apple Sues Samsung Over Copied Design

On Friday, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that the Samsung Galaxy line is a blatant ripoff of the iPhone and iPad. The 38 page suit goes into detail, showing side by side comparisons of all the ways they feel that Samsung has copied their design. They even show images of the packaging and some icons used by Samsung as part of their case. Apple is also in legal battles with Motorola, Amazon, and Nokia over smartphone and software designs, making this suit against Samsung just one of the many already circling the courts. It is expected that both companies will choose to settle, since going into a long dirty drawn out court fight would have a negative impact over their other business affairs, like the fact that Samsung makes the microchips that Apple uses in its products.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

3 responses to “Apple Sues Samsung Over Phone Designs”

  1. apple is come up with the new design of the smart phone… touch screen and all but i think they just need to cool it with all these needless lawsuits. they’re just going to make enemies with other companies. sure this samsung phone looks a lot like the iphone but i think apple needs to just realize that other people are allowed to make smart phones too!

    Get over yourself apple.

  2. Calvin_K says:

    I wonder if anyone patented the interfaces in a computer os. The pictograph icons, the grid like placement, the “desktop”, the task-bar / menu-bar. The drop down menus, the right click sub-menus. The pointer / curser. Etc. 

  3. Perpetualrabbit says:

    They do look the same superficially, however, the samsung phone runs android, which works very differently from ios which runs on the iphone. Android is very different in how the user interface operates, and also very different in the lower software layers that are not visible to the user.
    For instance, android apps are written in a Java based language, ios apps in c or objective c.
    Android apps consist of parts, a kind of objects called `intents´, which can be mixed and matched into other apps. The map-viewer part in Maps is such an `intent´.
    Android is resolution independant, iOS really is not. Android phones come in many different sizes and resolutions, iOS devices only in two, really: 480×320 (iphone 3) and 960×640 (iphone 4 and ipad). Note that the latter is exactly 2x the former resolution: this way the old iphone apps could be run by displaying each pixel twice in a row. Which works but looks coarse. Android seamlessly scales its apps, which look good in any res, when written correctly (but many aren’t).
    There are many other differences, like android has a linux kernel(variant), and ios a OSX kernel (subset), and they are quite different as well.

    All in all I find that Samsung’s android _User Interface_ does try to look too much like iOS _User Interface_, but that is only superficially, because they work very different. Watch apple fans complain when they have to use an android phone. That, and the fact that under the surface they could not be more un-alike, makes that the current complains of Apple largely have no merit.

    About the patent wars: They only hurt everyone. Customers and companies alike.