Apple Rumored to Launch 6 Million ‘iPad-minis’ This Year Priced at $250-$300

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iPad Mini Concept

Rumors of a possible 7.85 inch iPad-mini have been going strong these past few months and new reports out of China suggest the fabled device will launch in Q3 of this year with 6 million initial units on hand to counter the launch of Windows 8 tablets. The suppliers of the device will be Foxconn and Pegatron who usually do the bulk of manufacturing of Apple products. According to Chinese net portal NetEase (translated by Kotaku), the 7.85 inch iPad will be priced at just $249.99 or $299.99. At such a price, devices like the Kindle Fire or the rumored Google Nexus Tablet, who [would] thrive on the low-end market, will be cannibalized and have a hard time succeeding against an Apple iPad.

Specs wise, this new iPad-mini will likely sport a 1024×768 resolution which is identical to the original iPad and iPad 2. Apple recently launched the 3rd-generation iPad with a ‘Retina’ display at a resolution of 2048×1536. The technology for such high-resolution displays is still in its infancy so it’ll likely be a few more generations before we see a ‘Retina’ display make way to a 7 inch tablet. Furthermore, the height of this smaller iPad would be about the width of the current iPad’s on the market which would indeed make it quite a bit smaller.

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  1. Bandage says:

    This would be¬†PHENOMENAL! I’d be all over a smaller iPad.¬†