Apple iPhone 4G Coming June 18th?

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iPhone 4G

The writers over at BoyGeniusReport have put together some very interesting evidence regarding the upcoming iPhone launch, and from all their collective evidence, they have deduced the launch date of Apple’s latest device to be June 18th. Here’s how they figure that. First, we all know an iPhone 4G announcement is coming at WWDC 2010, most likely on June 7th. The swelled-headed investigators over at BGR then looked into AT&T employee sales quotas for this month and next and found that the June quotas were ridiculously high. So, the actual launch must be in June. But, what date? Well, last year’s launch was on the 25th. But, the folks at BGR think the quotas would be set too high for June on the 25th. And, it will most likely happen on a Friday, no? So, this leaves us with a very probable June 18th release date for Apple’s next big thing.

The iPhone 4G features an ultra high-resolution IPS screen (960 x 640), it comes in both black and white flavors, and its got a snazzy new design that digs into the core of Apple’s design philosophy. The phone will run iPhone OS 4.0 which has multi-tasking, app folders, custom wallpapers, and more. Backed by a 1 GHz Apple A4, we’re hearing reports that the iPhone 4G’s browser is at least three times as fast as the iPhone 3GS. Wow. And, you may even get a Bing option for search if you dislike Google Mobile Search. Plus, the 4G offers video chat, like its EVO 4G rival.

Update: Some AT&T employees have taken the liberty to express some skepticism about BGR’s June 18th date. Read below.

“I just want to add vaction is not blacked out ( the 18th is in the middle of my vacation this month) and my quota is not raised at all and I’m in the second largest store in my market.” – June 4, 2010 at 5:02 PM

“could also just be a reflection of the impending price reduction of the 16gig 3Gs. my quota isn’t that high and vacations haven’t been locked out yet.” – June 4, 2010 at 4:36 PM

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