Another Day, Another Galaxy S III Picture Leak

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Samsung Galaxy S III Leak

Samsung Galaxy S III Leak

We’re putting this one in the “Rumors” category again. Yesterday’s leak was largely discredited by a number of users due to the resemblance of the device to another already announced Galaxy S Player 4.2. Today, we’ve got another leak for you. This one’s also from a random Reddit user. If you buy his story, he has a friend working at Samsung who took a picture of an image of the phone (clearly on a computer monitor). The flash mark is the regrettable result of taking a picture of a screen.

According to the poster, the device will feature Android 4.0 with two launchers: one TouchWiz-ified and another that’s just the stock launcher. They’re not sure at the moment if they’ll be launching the device with both launchers on-board. If you remember, the Samsung Epic 4G launched with a TouchWiz launcher and the old vanilla launcher. The screen here is supposedly 4.7-inches, and it takes up almost the entire device.  As you can see (above), the device includes on-screen touch buttons. It will include an HD display and a ceramic (“micro arc oxidized” as HTC calls it) backside.

Is this latest leak truly the Galaxy S III? We’ll have to wait and find out. It does look like a supposedly leaked render we saw a few days back. However, the image above would be an easy fake. Since the contours of the above image are the same as the Galaxy S II, it would be simple enough to throw a Galaxy Nexus screenshot on top of the Galaxy S II and then take a picture of your monitor in a dark room with a bad camera.

Having said all that, I love throwing stuff into the rumor mill, so I’m still intrigued.

Update: Brightened version below.

Brightened Galaxy S III Leak

Brightened Galaxy S III Leak

Update #2: In ten minutes, I was able to create the following fake versions of this so called Galaxy S III in Photoshop. If I spent more time, I could easily make a better version.

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    I like your fakes a lot better =P  Nice job.