Android 4.0 ROM for Motorola Atrix Reaches Milestone with Hardware Acceleration

Filed under Development, News by Adam on February 14, 2012 at 3:50 AM

Motorola Atrix 4G - Ice Cream Sandwich
A number of hard-working developers have been at work porting the CyanogenMod 9 experience to Motorola’s Atrix 4G. A number of alpha-quality builds have been released over the past few weeks. Today, all of the progress culminated in an Android 4.0 ROM for the Atrix with working hardware acceleration. There are still plenty of bugs to squash, but the Atrix’s version of Ice Cream Sandwich is starting to feel pretty ready for the prime-time.

The hardware acceleration work comes from Ricardo Cerqueira, who used his talents to create an Android 4.0 ROM for the LG Optimus 2X and G2x— don’t forget to thank Ricardo! Also, make sure to thank users turl1 and jokersax11 on XDA-Developers for their hard work in moving this functionality from the LG Tegra 2 devices to the Atrix.

After running the latest builds with acceleration enabled, I finally feel like my Atrix can fly again. Applications are much smoother (than previous ICS alpha releases), and I can finally check out Google’s Chrome browser. Guess what… the back and front-facing cameras are working as well. Face unlock works like a charm.

I won’t forget holding my Atrix on the first day of its release and thinking: “Dang this phone is awesome.” Today, I got that special feeling again thanks to the always wonderful Android development community.

10 responses to “Android 4.0 ROM for Motorola Atrix Reaches Milestone with Hardware Acceleration”

  1. Soopophishle says:

    My phone does feel brand new again. So glad Devs still believe in the atrix

  2. This post somewhat let me down. You used the word “milestone”, which is a close relative of my stock Motorola Droid. There’s a KANG release of a fairly buggy CM 9 ROM for the Droid, but mostly everything is problematic. The Cyanogenmod developers insist they will not be working on an official “Sholes” (development name for Droid) release. Presently using Simply Stunning ROM (unofficial Cyanogenmod… mod) which seems to more or less be the fastest and most stable option for my device, and it’s excellent, but I still keep hoping somebody out there makes a usable ICS ROM… it’d only be the 100th ROM I’ve tried on this now dinosaur of a phone…

    • Oh man! I am so sorry. I neglected to think about the Motorola Milestone when I wrote this post. Now, when I read back the title it seems totally possible (in reading) that an Android 4.0 ROM for the Atrix was ported to the Milestone. I meant to use the “milestone” word in its more traditional sense as a major achievement.

      I apologize for the confusing wording. Thanks for reading!

  3. I saw the links at the bottom. will this story be updated when a Beta comes out? I like tinkering but not sure i want to dive into an alpha build for my first flash….

    • Cory McCarville-Schueths says:

       Beta 0.0.1 is out. Go to and you’ll find it at the bottom of the CM9 Atrix downloads. Keep in mind that his server is currently getting hammered, so you may want to wait for a mirror.

  4. Xingster says:

    Currently flashing the beta. Will report in shortly to confirm.

    Also, there’s an OC module. Might want to mention that.Apparently, it makes the Atrix glide like glazed ice.

  5. s1mpd1ddy says:

    Kenneth man I wish you were still dev’ing for the Atrix! Your ROMs in it’s early days were what got our Atrix community going! 

  6. Xingster says:

    Everything seems pretty good. With the built-in OC module, it can get a little toasty, and the camera’s borked, but everything else is good.

  7. DANIEL says:

    god bless atrix 4g

  8. Sendust says:

    It’s exciting to watch CM9 Beta go full steam ahead, especially since ICS for Atrix is pushed out to Q3.