Android 2.3 Release in Day(s)

Filed under Rumors by Adam on November 12, 2010 at 3:10 PM

Google’s been working on their latest iteration of the Android operating system for quite a while now. Android 2.2 Froyo introduced revolutionary new features like a new Dalvik JIT compiler and Adobe Flash 10.1 support. Android 2.3 will be bringing on an entirely new set of features and bug-fixes aimed at heightening customer satisfaction with the platform. We first heard not too long ago that Android’s next version would be Gingerbread 2.3, and then some revealing new details allowed us a peak at what’s new:

  • Improved icons
  • More uniform, green color theme
  • Slate grey-black notification bar (example: Touchwiz on Galaxy S)
  • Browser, Phone dock icons turn lime green
  • Bouncy effect in scroll menus, better inertial scrolling
  • Buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes changed
  • Video chat through the same engine running Google Talk
  • Receive Google Voice calls over WiFi, cell data
  • Facelift for included apps (ie. YouTube)
  • 1080p recording support
  • New screen off animation
  • Market improvements (see video below)

Now, we’re hearing from Google employees that Android 2.3 will in fact be seeing a release within a matter of days, not weeks. The Android 2.3 platform will be over-the-air updated to Google Nexus One devices and then penetrated through the market with a developer phone from Samsung (Nexus S), and a variety of new phones coming out in Q1 of 2011.

In addition, Tim Bray just alerted Android developers that they need to “future proof” their applications and make sure they’re seen by devices with compatible versions. This “Market Housekeeping” from the Android Developer team is to prepare app developers for the next release. In addition, the blog post says: “In preparation for introducing some new Market features (that we think you’ll like), we’re about to launch a re-scan of all those legacy apps, looking at their Android Manifests and updating Market’s database.” Could we finally be seeing the promised Android Market improvements from last year’s Google I/O? Brief yourself on what’ll be changed with the video below.

Most notably, a couple of hours ago, @Google Mobile just tweeted that the team was “baking something sweet.

Buckle your seat belts, prepare your phones! Android 2.3 is a comin’ soon.

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