Android 2.2 Froyo on Motorola Droid

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Froyo on Motorola Droid

Froyo on Motorola Droid

Droid 2.2 Overclocked

Droid 2.2 Overclocked

For the latest build of Android 2.2 Froyo on Motorola Droid: Click Here.

An early build of Android 2.2 Froyo for the Motorola Droid was released today by the developers at MyDroidWorld. The build is missing some features from the Nexus One Froyo build, but overall is pretty flawless. You can easily install it via Clockwork Recovery Nandroid or SPRecovery Nandroid so long as your device is rooted. The ROM is already rooted and comes with a kernel that allows you to overclock your Motorola Droid to 800 MHz if you’d like. Disclaimer: I ripped lots of the content of this article from various sites: Droid-Life and MyDroidWorld. Head over there and thank them for the instructions that I’ve compiled together. Update: Another ROM has been released from birdman at AllDroid. You can check his ROM there if you want an optimized, bloat-less version. This version is less complete than the MyDroidWorld version. It requires SPRecovery.

For the latest build of Android 2.2 Froyo on Motorola Droid: Click Here.

Instructions from Droid-Life:

“Ready to do this?

*Warning* – This has the potential to be disastrous on your Droid.  You take all responsibility should something happen when you go through this process.  Droid Life is not responsible for dead devices.*



Installation Instructions…

*Note 1* – This process uses ClockworkMod Recovery.  SPRecovery method/file at source link.

1. Make a backup of your current ROM.
2. Download the file from above.
3. Extract folder named 2010-06-
4. Place folder 2010-06- in the /sdcard/clockwork/backup folder on your sdcard
5. Restart phone in recovery
6. Go to nandroid, select restore, select the above folder and press the camera button.

*Note 2* – After installing this nandroid, update the kernel to fix wifi.  Kernels here.

Comments or questions?

Update 10:53am: If you used the SPRecovery file and have lost root access, please install this file.”

Previously, WiFi was not working in the build in order to “to protect the original source” of the build. But, p3droid over at MyDroidWorld has released some overclocked kernels that fix the WiFi for Froyo on Motorola Droid. Droid-Life has put up some MegaUpload links for everyone:

“Pick a kernel:

(If links are down, check out the source at MyDroidWorld, click here.


Instructions for installing:

*Note 1* – This process is done in ClockworkMod Recovery.

1. Download a kernel from the list above to your Droid.
2. Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM Ffrom SD Card.”
3. Navigate to the location of the kernel you just downloaded.
4. Select it and skip “wipe data and cache.” Make a backup just in case.
5. Allow the phone to reboot into recovery and install your new kernel.
6. Reboot the phone and BAM! All done. Wifi ready.”

So, once you’ve got your WiFi up and running, you’ll definitely want to get some Adobe Flash action on your Motorola Droid, right? No problem. P3Droid has also released an APK file to get flash working on your Droid, because the Adobe site currently blocks non-Nexus One devices. Download it from MegaUpload here. Once you’ve got flash check out how to watch Hulu on Android 2.2 for a step-by-step how-to watch Hulu on three popular browsers.

Droid-Life’s Kellex posted a pretty impressive benchmark score that beats the Nexus One here.

How’s your 2.2 Droid working? Tell us in the comments!

For the latest build of Android 2.2 Froyo on Motorola Droid: Click Here.

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