Amazon Releases Kindle Fire Source Code

Filed under Development by Adam on November 15, 2011 at 9:11 PM
Amazon Kindle Fire Source Code

Amazon Kindle Fire Source Code

Developers looking to “hack it up” with Amazon’s latest, greatest, and only Android-powered tablet can now download the source code behind the Kindle Fire. In order to comply with Android licensing agreements, Amazon’s required to release this code for external developers. Folks familiar with Android know that a source code release means the possibility of custom-built kernels, overclocked CPU’s, and general optimization from community developers.

Interested in diving into that massive code dump yourself? You can download all 809 MB of it here.

5 responses to “Amazon Releases Kindle Fire Source Code”

  1. Utomo Prawiro says:

    How about updating it to Ice Cream Sandwich ?
    I think it will be great. 

    • Nuno Freitas says:

      It’s probably not powerful enough for ICS.

      • Bandage says:

        why wouldn’t it be? The only spec I’d be worried about is the RAM, but CPU is certainly powerful enough.

        • Nuno Freitas says:

          You’re right, I thought the Kindle Fire specs were a little weaker. RAM might be a problem indeed, but if even Ericsson is planning to upgrade some of their lackluster smartphones from 2011 then it should indeed be possible to run ICS in the Fire.

          • XIngsterster says:

            That’s why i’m considering the Nook Tablet.

            Only problem is, i’m worried about Dev support on that thing, since the Kindle Fire has stolen the limelight and they come out two days apart…