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Filed under News by Korey Nicholson on September 8, 2011 at 5:01 AM
Weather,USA Radar,Alerts,Quake,Barometer

Weather,USA Radar,Alerts,Quake,Barometer

I kid you not—that eyesore of a word jumble you see in the image caption above is indeed the official name for the app that we will cover in today’s Amazon Quick App. And they said the Amazon Appstore was curated…

Regardless of the name, today we’ll take a look at WURAQB (yes, I refuse to type its full title again for fear of this review running into tomorrow’s AQA session) by Elecont. Does WURAQB have what it takes to earn its way onto your device’s memory? Jump past the break to find out!

App Features (as per Amazon listing):

  • Weather forecasts for 130,000 locations
  • Hourly, daily, and ten-day forecasts
  • Details on temperature, humidity, precipitation, barometric pressure, etc.
  • Variety of widgets and status bar notifications
  • Seismic activity information


Innovative Weather Clock (left), Annoying Notifications (right)

Innovative Weather Clock (left), Annoying Notifications (right)


Our Thoughts

The first thing I noticed when firing up this app (aside from the name) was the innovative weather clock shown above. Tapping the clock cycles through the available information (temperature, precipitation, UV index, and wind speed), and tapping a particular time on the clock gives you more detailed information on future conditions. Scrolling to the left or right takes you to even more detailed information displayed in a more traditional tabular format, and tapping the icon in the upper right hand corner allows you to choose between Foreca and Intellicast as your weather provider. There are even widgets that you can place on your home screen to keep you constantly in the loop in the weather world.

Despite how well WURAQB does what it does, it defaults to displaying excessive amounts of information in your notification tray (above). This is nothing new, however, as the popular WeatherBug application does the same. Luckily, the commandeering of your notification tray can be disabled by going to Menu -> More -> Options -> Status Bar Notification Options. However, I feel that there should have been a prompt upon first launch.


Worth Your Time?

Most people can probably pass on this application. While WURAQB offers a wealth of features, the application is perhaps just a tad bit much for most users. Yes the interface is fantastic and the annoying notifications can be disabled, but that’s not the point. I don’t want to spend so much of my time worrying (or even thinking) about the weather, so I’m fine with the stock Android News and Weather widget; and I think most others will be as well.

However if you do a lot of outdoor event planning, live in a place with a volatile climate, or if you are simply interested in meteorology; this application is perfect for you.

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